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Chunking of IDOC segments – Using XSLT

In one of our PI projects we had a scenario wherein we had to take the Customer Sales which came in as an XML message and post it as an WPUBON.WPUBON01 IDOC in the target system.

Seems pretty straight-forward so what was the challenge in this scenario to post it as a Blog.

We had multiple challenges in this requirement, but I will discuss about one challenge which I feel many fellow SDNers will find useful.

*The Challenge*

Source structure had multiple Customer Sales segment (unbounded) which had to be mapped to a specific segment in the target IDOC WPUBON.WPUBON01 called E1WPB02. The E1WPB02 segment had restricted number of occurence of 1..500.

Screenshot of source structure

Source Structure

Screenshot of target structure

Target StructureTarget Structure

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  • Two XSLT programs? Did you do the performance testing for peak volumes?

    We can do it using node functions and context handling & UDF.The combo of this can split it!If I need in explain in detail then it will be a blog:)..I had done that way some time back.

    • Touchwood, not much of a problem on the performance front so far. Also as I said we had many other challenges wherein we had to group the messages conditionally and many other business logic was to be put in place. I just described only one of the challenges. Also we can replace the first XSLT with a message map by changing the occurence of the target E1WPBO2 segment to 1..unbounded.
      But I would definitely like to see your blog, quiet sometime since we have seen your blogs, pretty hectic at work??