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Setup of Search Engine(TREX) for E-recruiting

This document contains details of the configuration of the TREX engine for the E-recruiting enviornment.

Before Maintaining any settings for the TREX engine, TREX engine with FUZZY search needs to be installed. For the production environment it has been recommended that the TREX and E-recruitment system should be a separate server. Also an RFC destination to the TREX engine needs to be created in the E-recruiting system.

a) Click on Set up access to Documents


 b) Press Execute

c) Double click and put the Login Id of the Communication user RCF_CONTENT and its password.




 d) Click on Activate Indexing


e) Maintain entries for Search Server Relation:

NOTE: use the id of search server relation

f) Click on Check Settings

Here maintain the following settings as follows

 g) Go to SSR Monitor button or transaction SKPR06

 h) Say create SSR

i) Put the ID and Say Create SSR

j) Enter the Search engine as DRFUZZY and select the RFC destination created

In this case the RFC destination should be TREX_DEFAULT_REG

An entry will be created as follows

k) Select Tab RFC_DESTINATION and see if 2 entries have come

l) Select the entry and say Connection Test

m) If this message is not appearing the kindly contact BASIS

n) For creating Index Category

NOTE: at least one document should be uploaded in the system and carry out the steps as shown in the document attached

  • Call transaction SKPR07.
  • Select the document class HR_DOC.
  • Choose Clean up table entries.

  • From the results list, return to the transaction.
  • Deselect the Limited to selected language indicator.
  • Choose Re-index.
  • Select the created index category.
  • In the Define indexing area group box, set the Document area indicator.
  • Choose Trigger process.

  • When the process is triggered, all available data is transferred to TREX for indexing. The real indexing is subsequently executed according to the queue server settings.
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