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Bidder Alert Notifications

In any business, bidding (RFx) is given high importance as it determines potential money that can be saved or selecting the right supplier who can contribute to the business or who can disrupt smooth running of operations. So as any bidding event draws to a close, it is good to remind the participating companies about the nearing deadline on a daily basis a few days before the event closure. In SAP SRM we have a configuration option to set  how many hours before the event deadline an alert is to be sent. But sending a repetitive alert is little more involved. This blog explains how to achieve sending repetitive alerts.


In this blog we take a case where 15 days before a bid invitation end date is reached bidders have to be remineded that they have not submitted their bids for the bid invitations received by them. The reminders shall be sent daily once to the bidders.


 Customization Activities 

  1. Go the event control following the path SPRO -> SRM server -> Cross application settings – > Define event schema

Define event schema


   2. Select the object BUS 2200 and double click event schema as shown below.


Event shema


     3. Select the event schema RFQ and doble click on event control as shown below


Event Control



    4. As alerts have to be sent 15 days before the end date(15X24=360), make an

        entry of -360as shown below.

Event deadline hrs


    5. Using Transaction code ALRTCATDEF go to alert categories screen and select

       alert category for bid invitation SRM_BID_INV as shown below and double click it.

       Then change the entry for ‘Max no of dels’ to 15 as one alert each day for 15

      days is to be sent.




      6. Create a variant for the program ‘RSALERTPROC’ and schedule it as back

         ground job to run daily with report parameters as shown below. Use the alert

         category ‘SRM_BID_INV’



   7. Result: All bidders who have received bid invitations will get an alert in their      inbox as shown below. Till the time bidders confirm the alerts, alerts will be daily  

sent to the bidders.


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