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On track for a great end to the year

I am not sure if you have been following along with the progress meter that appears on the SDN and BPX home page for the Points for U.N. World Food Programme.

I have and when it first came out I thought, “Great I could write a little scraper to grab the number every day and track the progress”. Initially the meter was an image so that wasnt possible. Now the points is in the code of the html so it is possible to scrape the current total out.

I went for a low tech solution. Yesterday I wrote (with a pen a pager) at the top of the my todo list the current total. It was 1,761,894. Today I repeated the process (it’s a simple algorithm I know) Just a few short moments ago it was at 1,772,288.

So with a little maths (yes it is spelled with an S by most of the world) we have:

1772288 / 199 average of 8906 point a day so far this year.

1772288 – 1761894 = 10394 point in the last 24 hours.

If we continue at that rate for the rest of the year (166 days) we have 1725404 points which when added to the total to day is 3,497,692 a mere 2308 point shy of out goal of 3,500,000 so we as a community make a contribution of €200,000 to the worlds hungry.

I am excited about that because:

  1. We are very close to our goal
  2. My maths have not taken a very big sample so there is bound to be inaccuracies.
  3. TechEd is going to give us a big bump with everyone submitting sessions, being involved in community day or SDN day or BPX day and writing blog posts promoting those sessions, creating new and exciting projects for DemoJam etc etc

You might not even think about this part of what we are dong very much but I am encouraging you to think about it from time to time. Think about how being involved in a such a great community such as the SAP Community Network is not just a technical or business community but it is a human community and a community that cares.

Here’s to 3,500,000.

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  • Nigel:

    Everyday I log on SCN…and the first thing I do is to check the WFP Points meter…I’m so excited as well because I’m sure we’re going to achieve the goal! -:D

    Actually I talked about the Program in Community Day Lima, so people know that we’re Geeks that cares about the world -:)



  • I am really excited.. I hope the various contests that we have now in SDN will also boost the total.

    Still, I was surprised to see the number of points that are getting added per day.

    Thanks and Regards,
    – anto.

  • Thank you for your blog and the information in it. It made me happy that we are on track.

    As moderator, I often contribute to deleting many thousands of points earned dishonestly, and sometimes this “bugs* me, but I am sure that the children would rather have honest food than (f)lies.

    I would like to encourage all SDN members to use the “My Questions” link (see top right corner) and follow up on your honest questions.

    As moderator, I find it intrusive to answer the question (points wise) on behalf of other people who asked the question.


    • Thanks for your effors Julius. I am sure that we will cross the line all the points being earned honestly.
      If we don’t what is the point?
  • Particularly delighted to see your post Nigel; you, who not only served up the inspiration for this initiative in this community but are a seismograph for keeping it real.
    With all the concerns around quality, integrity, and purpose, its good to have your backing and your maths.  I’m glad for moderation that keeps us on quality track, eliminates corruptions of the system and even happier to see that the goal is honestly reachable despite the fact that many points are removed when “keeping it clean”.  I’m grateful to those that make that clean up effort as well as to those who contribute and bump the meter up legitamately.

    Lastly, a small pitch for the expanded use of the wiki, as a means to consolidate and aggregagte useful “stuff” and an additonal way to add value to the knowledge transfer on the website.  Many folks have selflessly been contributing in that way and those efforts are also being recognized and counted.

    So thanks Nigel for this post, and very encouraged by the math that says this the goal is still attainable.