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Community responses to change

Some may know about my role as a volunteer in ASUG, where I belong to a great team known as BITI (Business Integration Technology and Infrastructure).  Way back in the beginning of this group, the B.I. initials stood for Business Intelligence, but as that concept grew larger and larger, the people in that community formed another group that focuses on a narrower spectrum than BITI does.  Why does this matter? With a new change in users  (“legacy” Business Objects sites) and products (“code name Jupiter”) those of us who bring content together for face-to-face and virtual meetings need to adjust.

For the last several months, SAP and ASUG have renewed a bi-weekly technology webcast series, with the very general name of “SAP NetWeaver Customer Call Series”.  These are open to the global SAP community, not restricted to ASUG membership, and the content ranges widely.  In the past we tried to organize it via email exchanges but have been having good success coordinating topics, speakers and content links on an SDN wiki page.  Though the original idea was to only include this series, we’ve since expanded the wiki content to promote and document other webcasts, such as those restricted to ASUG members.  If you’re not a member, and you find links to content blocked, go to the ASUG web site to find out if your company is a member and how to register.

One example was the webcast held on 04-Jun-2008, called “ASUG Presents Business Objects”.  We learned about the current road map, and the known potholes and detours that may be encountered.

Two wiki pages to help you learn about upcoming virtual events:

Upcoming BI webcasts

29-Jul-2008 webcast with author and expert Cindi Howson

Katie Newlon (ASUG volunteer) said:

The B.I. Community is pleased to sponsor a webcast series
featuring Business Objects Tools.  Because there is considerable
interest in the various new tools, each will be featured in its own
webcast.  Topics include tools such as Xcelsius, Crystal, Web
Intelligence, Voyager and Polestar.  Each agenda will include features
and functions, and use cases (examples).  Watch the calendar for
specific dates of these upcoming informative webcasts. This webcast
series also includes a webcast on 7/29 from noted Data Warehouse
Institute expert and Business Objects author Cindi Howson.

I always find the rapid networking that occurs in webcast chat panels to be invaluable in learning how others adapt to changes.

By the way, if you’ve been wondering why my blogging rate is down this summer, I’ve been distracted by a service project working on the woods in my (larger) back yard. I am not calling that a vacation!

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  • Though we miss your posts here these last few weeks, it is great to see someone who keeps things balanced (ie work, life, nature).  But a quick peek at the TechEd Community Day wiki for the Berlin event informs me that we can be looking forward to some interesting topics coming from your direction in the near future.