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MDM Web Services

The most challenging part of any marketing dept of company is to display their product information effectively to the customer and the most convenient media is through website. However this isn’t an easy task. Publishing and proper marketing through website has its own issues.

  • Website has to be in sync with the product catalog for up to date info about the product. And they are very hard to update.
  • Additional Data may not usually be available on the website i.e. the customer may need to view Additional info
  • Data on website has to be organized in the way customers look for information.

The above issues can be addressed with improvised MDM Web Services.

Maintaining two slave catalogs on the MDM server. By creating two slaves for the catalog will allow the new data to be synchronized into one slave. Data on the website will be kept accurate and updated with the most recent product information by simply switching to the slave with the most recent data. By Switching between the slaves one is able to keep the website posted with timely up to date information





MDM Web services are interfaces provided to MDM server to perform some basic operations such as read create and update. These interfaces have to follow some standards such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and WSDL (Web Services Description Language). Some of the Functions provided by the Web services include

Ø Management Master Data Objects

  • Checking the existing Master Data Object before Creation.
  • Retrieving the details of the Master Data Objects.
  • Creation and Updating of Master Data Objects.

Ø Manage Unique Identifiers of Master Data Objects







SAP Net Weaver  MDM 5.5 SP06 (Web Services)

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  • Thx for the insightful blog.
    One small query:
    What has been described is a push scenario where an external application can call MDM webservices and push data into MDM.
    Similarly, can MDM also call the CRUD webservices of an external applications in a pull scenario.
    • Dear Suman!
      May I ask you about MDM users?

      I have tried to create connection between BW and MDM as you have described in “How to integrate MDM with BI 7.0 Using Logical Connection Object”!
      But i have got next problem.
      In BW i use user with name  BCUSER, but MDM has first user Admin after creation new repository!
      Therefore activation of OHD in BW end with error “User BCUSER does not exist”!

      I tried to work with user ADMIN, but problem of casesesetive appears: in MDM user is “Admin” but in BW user is “ADMIN”! In finally the same error appears.

      Could you help me by your suggestion please?
      What must i do?