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Articles Submission on SCN and the SDNContent Inbox

I manage the production unit of the content team.

I also monitor the SAP SDN & BPX content inbox.

I receive lots of great questions everyday but also many repeating questions on several issues so I decided to do two things:

  • To write a FAQ article  that will cover all the issues and provide links to our guides. please have a look
  • To start a blog with tips and tricks on how to get your contributions published faster.

Another reason for starting this blog is because I see lots of great contributions get delayed for publication because they are incomplete articles and are not formatted properly. When we receive articles missing information or in the wrong template, we have to ask the submitter to resubmit their contribution.

Using the SDN & BPX word template for your articles ensures that the required details such as the page one background information and related content links aren’t missing. The template also standardizes your contribution into a familiar and consistent easy to read format, so please use the SDN & BPX template to create your contributions!

So here is what is most important for you to know regarding the submission system and process:

Creating and submitting content to SDN & BPX starts on the How to Contribute page. Here, you’ll find the appropriate Word template to create and format your article. There is also a How to Guide for the SDN & BPX Word template.

When you have finished your article, you submit it to SDN & BPX by completing four easy steps located on this access page: These four steps help gather metadata information about your article to help the SDN & BPX production team classify it properly and, ultimately, the SDN & BPX community to find it! At the last step of the process, you upload your article to the site for processing.


The submission system also allows you to track the status of your contribution.


Once your contribution is uploaded, the content team moves it through three production stages:

Submitted: the first step, initial review.

To be Approved: the article was sent to review by SAP professional.

Ready for Production: the article was approved for publication and is ready for final editing and publication on the SDN & BPX website.

Here are a couple of more things often asked by the community:

I often receive emails asking “I submitted an article: when will it be published?

Well, first it needs to be approved and each topic has its own special reviewer. The approval procedure is a critical and delicate (and sometimes lengthy) part of the production process that needs to move at its own pace to ensure that everything published on the website is valid and suitable for the community. We try our best to make it between 10-14 working days.

The other thing is that I work Sunday through Thursday so don’t take it personally if you get an answer only on Sunday. If ever you have a technical issue, send an email to Actually, anything I receive of a technical nature gets forwarded to this great team anyhow. (My thanks goes out to them for all the support and help they provide!)

Hope you enjoyed my blog please don’t hesitate to send me your questions and e-mails.

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    • Hi,
      SCN stands for SAP comunity Network, and SDNinbox is the old name of our content inbox.
      SCN includes Bpx and Business Objects and its a bit confusing I guess but we are SCN now.
      Thank You for your comment.
  • Hi there,

    I just wanna know that this also the same for Blogs you are publishing or only for articles.

    And one more thing I have published blog but there’s no account increment about points for this blog

    So how’s it?

    thank you for your time & support.

    Gaurav Patwari