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Icing on the MDM Cake –Guided Procedures

Hi ,

I was wondering the way CAF Guided Procedures have provided the strength to SAP MDM in a much needed way.Nowadays almost every MDM consultant trying to shape the Business Process with SAP MDM tool eventually lands up in stitching together all the components with CAF Guided Procedures.Most important aspect of guided procedures comes into picture when the data entered by requester needs to be pushed to MDM Repository only after the request is approved and not before that.In this situation when requester fills in the details,he sends the request to approver for approval.At this point the values filled by requester should be available to approver and those values should not be pushed to MDM.In this scenario GP does excellent job by giving power of passing values from one callable object to another through parameters .It sorts of provide temporary storage with parameters while  sailing through the GP workflow and only when the request is approved one can push all the values to MDM at final step.Here only thing is we divide each entity requester,approver etc involved in the business process as unique callable objects.



Interestingly GP provides one complete solution for designing complete complicated MDM business process flow  .A request from requester might triggger some parallel approvals and GP gives exhaustive use of sequential and parallel blocks to customise the workflow in all possible conditional constraints.Also triggering of mail at everystep and calling of web services has never been so easy before.After all the callable objects are ready and available,it is the GP that provides the midas touch by assimilating all the objects together and providing them the right position in the Workflow.

In the end I could only say as per recent trends every MDM consultant is trying to design workflows in CAF Guided procedure to harnass the best of the available option.




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  • Hi Vinay,

    What is the business case for UWL vs GP? As I understand, GP provides much more than just temporary storage. In this case, when to use GP, when UWl or both?


    • CAF GP  is much more than just temporary storage.It is a complete solution for providing business workflow.I just through my blog addressed one business scenario where GP can serve an important purpose of passing values from one callable object to other.
      Also there is no such thing like UWL Vs GP as UWL is integrated with GP .UWL is consolidated with GP and when approver logs in ,he sees request no in his UWL inbox and when he clicks on that request no he can call the respective action item or callable objects.So UWL has to be integrated with either type of workflow be it MDM workflow or Guided procedures.
  • I believe you have thrown light on right topic at right time. I have seen very few consultants implementing Guided procedure. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    • Hi,

      You have to divide use cases and make callable object for each in NWDS using GP interfaces.The components for GP (SAP-EU)are now already present in NWDS track.Use MDM APIs in all operations for MDM.As GP is not specific to MDM you dont have to configure anything specific to MDM.IF you are using older NWDS you have to create a library DC for GP component and then use it

  • Vinay,

    Correct me if I am wrong, it has come to my knowledge that SAP is coming out with some tool by the name of ‘Galaxy’ which will be replacing GP and would provide advanced functionalities, pls let me know if this is true and enlighten us with feature of this new tool/utility !!