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Googling for SDNers

Most of us visit  SDN or Google  more than once in a day  to take a look at the forums, blogs, articles  and search for something and so on.In this blog will be    more about  search part. In SDN we have advanced search that provides various search  capabilities for us  in order to  make search in SDN and SAP’s o ther sites but when  you want to be more free while searching then you can go with Google  instead SDN advance search.In this blog I will tell you how to make custom SAP related searches which may make easy your searches. I know that SAP provides us good search functionality in its site but you can also try some googling  as well for tailored searches. 


  • Lets say that you are looking for explanation of the one term that you do not know then you can use “define” to find out the meaning of that term. For example: “define:OLAP


  • Lets assume that you are looking for something specific  in  SAP help site then you can try the following search operator.For example :”purchasing data” and also you can use the  “ +” and “ – “ to include or exclude words from your search which improves quality of your searches.



Advanced search in SDN supports “keyword1,keyword2 “ exact phrase search functionality as Google does so you can use this functionality in both side within your searches. Above I tried to mention most useful search operators that you may need.Except the aboves there are many search operator that google supports such as inurl,intext,~,…With combinatinon of all these search operators you may get what you need in exactly in one search.

Please check the link below for more about search operators. 

Search Features  

Hope this has been informative for you.    

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