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Roles and Responsibilities of MDM Consultant


Yesterday I was going through the Forums on SDN and found that there are many people around who always try to gather information related to the key differences between the Roles and Responsibilities as an MDM Consultant. Also we have seen that today in every organization if you are trying for the designation of a MDM Consultant than this is the key question that is asked. Every person whether he/she is from a Technical side, a Business Analyst, a Quality person etc all have certain Roles and Responsibilities.

Then what are the Specific Roles and Responsibilities that differs a MDM Consultant from others?

 If a person is able to work on different SAP MDM GUI applications can we say he/she is a SAP MDM consultant? He can be designated a SAP MDM developer. But from solution architecting perspective, a SAP MDM consultant has a very good understanding of all technologies that connects to MDM.      

 Expectations from SAP MDM Consultant: 

The role of an SAP MDM Consultant is different from that of a technical consultant .As a SAP MDM Consultant one should have a better view for both – the business side as well as technical side.   

  1. MDM Consultant should not only be technically strong but should have a wider view for the Business for which he/she is working for.

  2. MDM Consultant should not only know the technologies of MDM but should try to wider there view for all the different platforms that are used with MDM such as Net weaver , XI, Tibco , ABAP etc.

  3. Consultants having the knowledge of all these platforms would not only enhance their knowledge but would also provide them an upper hand among his/her colleagues in their company.



Role and Responsibility of SAP MDM Consultant: 

MDM does not require any coding from the MDM Consultant’s perspective, it does not expect the Consultant to sit for hours and find out the bugs from the code. MDM as it stands for Master Data Management expects a Consultant who is not only good with his/her technical skills but also have the capabilities to convince the client on benefits of MDM. The various Roles and Responsibilities of an MDM Consultant are:  

  1. Solution Architecting

  2. Should have understanding of Business scenarios and converting it to MDM Business logic.

  3. Should have a crystal clear understanding of the various scenarios that are being used in the project.

  4. Should be a good Business Analyst

  5. Should have skills to convert Business Requirements into Technical Specifications. 



  1. Design solution using SAP MDM
  2. Build MDM repository
  3. Facilitate Data load and syndication
  4. Develop MDM solutions for workflows, de-duplication, validations etc
  5. Perform Unit tests
  6. Complete MDM Project documentation
  7. Aid integration tests

  As we have seen that there are various expectations an organization has from its MDM Consultants and also there are various Roles and Responsibilities defined for the Consultant. If the consultant satisfies all the above criteria’s then we can say that he/she has emerged as a MDM Consultant. 

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  • Hi Parul

    I’m interested by your comment MDM does not require any coding from the MDM Consultant’s perspective. If the MDM consultant wants to use the MDM utilities for validations etc, then they will certainly need an understanding of some basic programming skills, such as logical tests, string manipulation etc.

    Also, unless you’re in a perfect world, noone will give you your data for importing in exactly the format you want. I think there will be the need for some coding skills to manipulate input fields etc.


    • My 2 cents:
      I guess what the author is trying to convey is: the expression engine in SAP MDM is so user-friendly that even a functional consultant/business analyst can use it.
    • Thanks Michael and Sukant for your Interest in the Blog.

      Michael the blog features roles and responsibilities of an MDM Consultant and as we know that as an MDM Consultant we do come under Specialist Stream and so every Individual who is working under this type of Stream are expected that they know the basics of Coding.Apart from that complete line explains that Consultant is not expected to sit for hours to debug the code  as done by the Coder.

      And the purpose of this blog is to differentiate between Technical Consultants and MDM Consultant so that the people can have a clear idea that what MDM is all about.

      Hope this clarifies your doubt.