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PCD Database Inconsistencies

Hi ,

There is a well known issue  of PCD Database Inconsistency. The probable reason is

1)Intensive write operations on PCD (like import or upgrade)
2)A bug in the Oracle JDBC driver.( Use of JDBC driver version 10 but lower than )

Visibilty of the Inconsistency > The following error is observed while accessing the</p><p>folder in the PCD :-</p><p>

<br /> “16:56:49 – Could not load or refresh node Tree creation failed on<br />node:pcd:portal_content</p><p>

</p><p>2) In few cases there will be following error :-</p><p>

</p><p>Error occurred while trying to access desktop:<br />”portal_content/org.epo.EPO_Content/epo.ess.EPODesktop”. The object does<br />not exist or you are not authorized to access it. If this problem<br />persists, contact your system administrator.</p><p>

Removal of the Inconsistency –> NOTE 1086644 list the process of detecting the

Inconsistency and the removal.

Application of the NOTE 1086644 :-

1)Installation of the command line tool.2)Checking the Inconsistencies

Start the tool and type add check .Confirm with the return key, to switch to the check command group .Now type check .and confirm with return to run the check process. This may take a while,
please be patient. A message will be displayed once the check is
complete giving an overview of the number of inconsistencies found.

Each execution of the check will create a CSV file in the log directory
with the detailed results. The CSV files are also the base for a cleanup

3) Removal of the Inconsistencies5) If still the issue occurs please open the CSN message on component BC-PIN-PCD with title “PCD inconsistencies and provide us with the following information:

 – database vendor
 – database version
 – JDBC driver vendor
 – JDBC driver version
 – version of your portal (main release/SP level/Patch level)
 – the CSV file you have used for cleanup as attachement
 – the result of the cleanup, whether problem is solved or still

* For the bug in the Oracle JDBC driver –> *Please check the NOTE 1003198.



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