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Methods for Influencing the Layout Set in Knowledge Managements FlexUI

With its Knowledge Management capabilities, the SAP NetWeaver Portal provides the concept of a flexible user interface for navigating in repositories, also known as FlexUI. Layout sets play a central role in this concept, as they group together parameters that define the layout of the user interface and commands that are displayed. The powerful concept of FlexUI allows the assignment of layout sets and individual parameters in different places. In this Weblog I would like to address some issues that arise when working with customized layout sets in KM and how you can influence the layout in those situations. I started putting together this Weblog as assistance to deal with the various scenarios described in repeating posts in the Knowledge Management Discussion Forum  (/community [original link is broken]).     *Scenario 1:*  You have integrated search with your own SearchResultLayoutSet and configured the layout set to look exactly like you want to. As you have indexed not only documents but also folders, whenever a folder shows up in the result list, you get a link to open the folder. Unfortunately, this link opens the component directly without the specification of a special layout set. By that, your customized user interface and your developed commands are replaced by the standard user interface.       *Scenario 2:*  Users navigate through your custom layout set in KM Navigation iViews and use the context menu command (“Add to Favorites”) to add a special folder to their Favorites iView. A click on this folder in the Favorites iView opens the component without the specification of a special layout set, so here again the customized user interface (your custom layout set) is not available.       *Purpose of the Weblog:*  What I would like to show here are the different options to open the new window with an own layout set. Knowing the different alternatives for setting the user interface and the priority of settings might be important not only for the two above mentioned scenarios but also for many other similar ones.       *1. Change the Default Layout Set*  The easiest and most prominent alternative is to set the Default Layout Profile  ( in KM Configuration to your custom layout set. For this you first need to create a new layout profile based on your customized layout set. Afterwards you can define the new layout profile as the default layout profile in KM, so that whenever a KM Navigation iView or the component is opened without the specification of an existing layout set the default layout profile is used.   image +Defining the Default Layout Profile in KM Configuration+    *+Advantage+*: The advantage of this solution is that it can be implemented very fast only via KM configuration settings.    *+Disadvantage+*: The major disadvantage of this solution is that it is applicable only for one layout set. This means that with this solution you are not able to open in one scenario the navigation iView with one layout set and in another scenario with another layout set. The only way around this is to overwrite the default layout profile settings with the options described bellow under 2 and 3.    *2. Use the Folder Presentation dialog to set the Layout*  The second alternative is to make use of the folder presentation dialog from the details menu to define the layout set depiction for individual folders or for an entire folder hierarchy.  image +Defining a Layout Set in the Presentation Menu of a Folder+   As this setting is by default only valid for the selected folder and the momentary used iView, you can define that the layout set should apply for all subfolders and/or for all KM Navigation iViews. You need to make sure that the setting is made in the “Settings for all users” tab and not in the “Settings for you” tab if you want your custom layout set to be displayed for all users whenever the selected folder (or a subfolder) is opened.  image
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