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Crystal Reports 2008 Basic for SAP Business One

This week in San Diego, we will be launching the next phase of our integration strategy for SAP Business One and Crystal Reports 2008.

What are we doing?

Well, I am happy to say, and hopefully you will be happy to hear that in mid August we will be releasing to all SAP Business One customers who are current on their SAP Maintenance as well as all our SAP Business One partners as part of their Test and Demo licenses a special single named user license of Crystal Reports 2008.

Called Crystal Reports 2008 Basic for SAP Business One, this specially built version of Crystal Reports will allow you to design new reports and modify existiing reports that access SAP Business One and associated SSP solution data stored on Microsoft SQL Server or IBM DB2 databases.

So what makes this version special?

Fundamentally it is the same version of Crystal Reports 2008 that you can buy off the shelf with one restriction – it is license only for use with SAP Business One data that resides on a Microsoft SQL Server or IBM DB2 database – think of it like a “runtime” or OEM license.

 If you want to access additional data sources then you’ll need to upgrade to a full Crystal Reports 2008 license but we believe this release will meet the needs of most SAP Business One customers and partners when it comes to designing and modifying reports.

Combine this with the previously released Crystal Reports Integration for SAP Business One and you now have a complete end to end solution for designing and publishing reports embedded inside SAP Business One via the standard menus.

 So stay tuned to my blogs and the Channel Partner Portal to hear more about how you can access this special version of Crystal Reports.

 Plus we will also be talking in detail about a new service to allow partners and customers to share reports freely via the internet or to make reports available for a fee (which by the way goes to the developer and publisher of the reports, not to SAP).

Called the Information OnDemand Marketplace, this new service will help our customers and partners to quickly and easily share reports that they have created and also build a catalogue of reports for sale.

 I’ll be talking more about this later this week so stay tuned.




Richard Duffy

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  • Richard,

    as i understand, this license will be applied for the CRI (CR Integration with B1) solution but the restriction is the that we could use it only for the B1 data stored in MSSQL/DB2 B1 DBs.

    You know there are some partners (as well as we are) having their B1 solutions based on the SAP DB and a separate DB (e.g. for actions logging, BLOBs storing, UDFs and other cases).

    So the question is could this CR license be used to create a report from the SAP DB and this separate AddOn DB?


    • Alexey,

      As long as the data is part of an SAP or SSp solution you can use Crystal Reports 2008 Basic for SAP Business One to build the reports.

      The only thing you cant do as a developer is redistribute any of the .Net components that get installed with Crystal.

      If you want to redistribute the runtime with your reports then you will need to buy the full Crysgtal Reports.



  • If I start creating reports now with the trial version of Crystal Reports 2008, will I have any problems transitioning my reports to the basic SAP license?
    • The reports will work seamlessly across the versions. There is no funamental difference between the core of the versions.