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NEW: BPX built a home for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Thanks to an active SAP community:  It took only 6 weeks to getting off the ground with “ERP At BPX”.  We are focusing on end-to-end processes targeted to specific buying centers (Head of HR, Chief Financial Officer, Head of Procurement) articulating the business value rather than a lose coupling of features and functions. It is a platform for information sharing, discussions, and collaboration on Enterprise Resource Planning, including market trends and future perspectives.

And this is how we structure the content:

  • “ERP At BPX”
    Front-page where the community can see what NEW and HOT topics is currently discussed within the exciting world of ERP.

  • Key topics
    end-to-end process, calendar for live webinars, business value of upgrade, market trends, and more to come

  • Documentation
    launch pad to link into Help-Portal, Solution Map, etc.

  • Riding the Web 2.0 wave with “ERP At BPX”

    • capture and cluster thought-leadership in dedicated blog-topic ERP

    • share your knowledge by engaging into /community [original link is broken]

    • Wikis to support collaborative topical writing and commenting. It is the launch pad to roll-out latest information and exchange based upon (Financials, Human Capital Management, Enhancement Package, …)

With more than 28,000 SAP ERP customers and an active ERP community on SDN and BPX, we from SAP are ready to share valuable insights, hear customer voices, and have lively exchanges around Enterprise Resource Planning.

It’s a start and JUST the beginning of an exciting journey. If you would like to come along and share your thoughts and stories with the ERP community, just go to the blogger corner and start your blog series or submit an article to the BPX team.  

Anything which is not on “ERP at BPX”, but you would like to see, just add a comment to this blog and we will get back to you!

Looking forward to lively exchanges around the topic of Enterprise Resource Planning!

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  • Welcome to Elke and the ERP team at SAP, but more importantly to our SAP ERP customers, prospects, related partners, and others who are interested in this foundational product.  I think many people already know that ERP is at the heart of SAP, and has been for years (decades?), so it’s terrific to have this vibrant topic “open for business” in our highly active community. 

    Mark Yolton