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Tech Ed RIA Hacker Night

Sorry for my absence since my first post, but I do have some good news related to RIA development and Tech-Ed.

The paperwork is still in process, but it looks as if Adobe will be sponsoring the “RIA Hacker night” at Tech-Ed. (among other things!)  Based on conversations with colleagues at SAP, I think the event will be significantly larger this year, and as always, the content (not to mention the cold pizza and beer) is well worth it. 

Speaking of content- we have some great stuff planned for the community day, which occurs the day prior to tech-ed.  I’ll be presenting Adobe’s open source messaging solution for RIA development, Blaze DS, and other people like Dan Mcweeny, Thomas Jung, and Matthias Zeller will also be showing off cool new RIA technologies built with Adobe Flex and AIR.

For a hint of what Thomas will be talking about, check out this interesting post here.

I’m also pretty excited for the Demo Jam, mainly to get a look at what the ESME guys are doing, which utilizes Flex.  (I think my friend Matthias has seen an early prototype, or at least a functioning UI….)

Some of these topics might be expanded upon during the Hacker Night, and even involve some hands on participation from the audience.   I’m also actively looking for some additional speakers in both locations- so if anyone out there has hand’s on experience in developing a Flex or AIR application with SAP please reach out to me in the comments, and I’d love to follow up with you.

I’m going to try and post more frequently, and in my future posts, I’ll like to discuss what I think makes a decent blog, especially one thats not stricly personal, but corporate.  I’ll also be posting what I like to call my personal syndication info, like URLs for friendfeed, twitter, personal blog, etc…

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