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SAP with .NET: New Opportunity for ERP Projects

From my small experience in implementing SAP and working in developing  systems to the business filed I found that there is a critical Bottle nick in  ERP implementation that is Reporting System.

This point is the reporting system for sure that introduce the system and  adapt it to the business process to the business stuff is very important issue  but for the business owner the result of the output of the system and what care  to know is the reports and he will not care enough to know how the data entry  will be.

For a big company take the decision of implementing ERP and chose SAP, it  must have any how a report system to manage the business and it should when they  ask software house to implement SAP software house must has vision how the  reports will be, and don’t let it a surprise to the top management when they  asking for a report they used to see in their pervious system that it not exist  on SAP and you have develop it and when they ask IT developer to develop they  need more than time they take in the normal systems they used before SAP and  will use difficult tools “ABAP”, “Smarts Forms”, and it will not give the  required design.

While I was reading my favorite subscribed blogs I found that there is  integration between SAP and Visual Studio .Net by tools offered by SAP and  Microsoft and there is also fully intergraded environment between SAP and MS  Office and SharePoint and SAP.

Thus ERP companies can take this as a competitive feature to offer with its  vision to implement SAP system to offer the advantage to using SAP with user  experience of MS Office and offer strong system with strong and user friendly  reporting system also after go live the company will own the SAP system can  easily hire developers with .Net experience to develop its future requirement  not only for reporting but in SAP customization.

From my work in ERP implementation we still want to learn ABAP and smarts  forms and our top management get worry how they will manage the business with  SAP.

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  • Moving from a technology (let’s say .Net) to another is often (always ?) a huge gap for the people.
    Learning new languages (ABAP) and technologies can take time, but I don’t think they are more difficult than others.

    On the contrary, in my opinion, ABAP is one the easiest language I have met and the workbench is really powerful once you get accustomed to it.

    I am sure your learning curve is going to climb quickly !  🙂

    Least but not last, SAP with Netweaver it now quite open to interact with whatever technology you are familiar with, so that you can leverage your existing code, applications… and developer’s skills.

    Best regards,