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Social Networking hits the Community

Actually it’s been here for awhile and 1300+ have already taken advantage of it! I’m referring to the Community Profiles or Community Pages, it’s a perfect spot to setup a page about who you are and what you do, using the labels you can actually add in your skills!

Now the power and the “social” aspect of this comes from the second you start to use the “search” feature to find certain “skills”.

For example last year we told everyone to add the label “teched_us_07” to their own profile page if they were going to be at the US SAP TechEd event. This year you can add the labels “sapteched08” “lasvegas” “berlin” and/or “bangalore” for example.

Now to take this another step I decided to create a nifty little AIR app, which is very much in beta however if you are interested in trying it out you are more than welcomed you can find my email in my “business card“, just drop me a line and I will send over the link.

I’ll open it to everyone here soon but I want to get at least the major “bugs” out first as I don’t have 100% of my time to devote to this.

Now we’ve invited lots and lots of people to create their very own profile, in fact if you have over 100 points you got an invite and if your spam folder didn’t eat it then you should still have it, if not just click here and then “Add Page” be sure to title the page with your REAL NAME, no psuedo names here folk sorry about that. We’ve a couple of templates there and available to use or just go total freeform and make your own. The more you add and the more accurate your “labels” are that you choose the easier it will be for others to find you and vice versa for all of them.

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