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Play & Study Providing Rice to Hungry People for Free

This week during a routine visit to the site of WFP (United Nations World Food Programme) I found an interesting way of promoting Social Responsibility and fight against hunger.

Free Rice Banner

Free is a Game where you need to click on the answer that best defines the word. If you get it right, you get a harder word. If wrong, you get an easier word.

For each word you get right, we donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

While improve your speaking, writing, thinking, etc… Also feeds needy people around the world.


For a child or a person who is learning English or people who speak native English but need to improve their vocabulary this game can be very useful.


Free Rice Game


Many people certainly disagree with me but I believe that every minute dedicated to combating hunger is a priceless personal investment.
This is the opinion of a person who knows very well what is feel hungry.


Today I got 2,3 kg. How many kg you can?

Free Rice points

If you know others interesting projects related to Social Responsibility feel free to put a link on the page Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Projects.

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  • Glad you have moved this content into our wiki and brought attention to these programs.  Personal stories around this are much welcomed (now we can link that to our blogs in the wiki).
    • Hi Marilyn,

      “”I am just cultivating the human side of SDN!!!”” 😉

      Thanks for supporting this idea.

      Our community has given a great example of citizenship and certainly can do more. All this without changing the focus of the community, “Technology & Solutions”.

      The next step will be the personal stories !

      Best Regards.

      Marcelo Ramos

  • Donation, help and charity has become new business stunt to promote business if you really want to help people no need to do such kind of propaganda and if you want to just promote your site there are many other ways.   


    • Myself and many other will take offense to this comment, to suggest that we are using such a worthy cause to promote our site?

      Let me give you break down of this site and why we DON’T need to promote it.

      1.3+ million registered users and more coming every day opps another 300 while I wrote this message. SDN actually no longer really does promotion to gain membership, etc. and our choice to donate to charity – well that was actually the choice of the community we were just happy to make it happen.

      So before you make accusations and assumptions be sure you have all the facts in hand.

    • Thanks for comment.

      Negative comments force us to think about what we’re doing is really necessary or not.

      Maybe you be right and we should take away everything that is related to the CSR.

      But, you might be wrong and I should create a website to help charity.

      By the way, I am a member for years and know well the rules of this community. So everything I do is based on these rules. In case of doubt I usually notify the appropriate moderator or send a mail to before do something.

      Best Regards.

      Marcelo Ramos