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How BPX is Helping SAP Customers Achieve REACH Compliance

A BPX Community Podcast with Kieran O’Connor of SAP AG Hosted by Jon Reed of

One of the most interesting developments in the BPX community is how BPX is helping SAP customers in their efforts to achieve compliance with a wide range of industry regulations.


In this twenty-six minute podcast, Jon Reed asks Kieran O’Connor, Communications Lead with the Process Industry Cluster at SAP AG, about this BPX-REACH collaboration and how BPX community members can get involved.


During the discussion, Jon asks Kieran to explain the unique role that online wikis can play in online business process collaboration. Kieran also talks about how the BPX-REACH project could be a model for other examples of the “customer-focused SAP ecosystem in action.”



Podcast Links (Resources that are referred to on the podcast) 

REACH Roundtable


BPX for Chemicals


EU REACH website


Jon Reed’s Website


Podcast Transcript
For a transcript of this podcast, see this document.

Podcast Highlights 


(:55) Kieran’s role in the REACH Compliance initiative and how the BPX-REACH collaboration started.


(2:35) What is REACH Compliance? How this European regulation, enacted in 2007, impacts many companies doing business with European firms, with more than 30,000 regulated substances.  


(5:30) How SAP supports its customers with REACH compliance functionality that is built into the EH&S Industry Solution, and how TechniData is involved with SAP as a collaborative partner in compliance efforts.


(6:35) How BPX is playing an active role in supporting SAP customers in their REACH compliance efforts, starting with a couple of blog entries and expanding into a broad community effort including a sister “Roundtable” site.


(10:47) The “gray areas of compliance” and how SAP BPX helps SAP customers navigate those gray areas in different parts of the site, including the Governance Risk and Compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Chemicals Industry forums.


(13:41) “Compliance” is no longer a silo approach that only impacts the “EHS” employees in a company. Compliance is now a company-wide effort, and BPX can help companies make that transition.


(14:53): Wikis are becoming a valuable part of business process refinement projects. Kieran explains why wikis are such a useful tool, and how companies can use wikis to better manage projects that might have been managed on email previously – reducing logistics headaches.


(20:41) The BPX-REACH collaboration is part of the “SAP Customer-Focused Ecosystem in Action.” Jon asks Kieran how BPX can play a role in other ecosystem-focused customer innovations.


(24:07) Kieran explains the different ways that BPX members can get further involved with compliance-based efforts online, including the Collaborative Workplace and the REACH Roundtable.

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