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Creating Dashboards with Xcelsius 2008

I am sure by now you heard the big news “Business Objects Xcelsius tool is the preferred Dashboard builder for SAP going forward”

SDNers!!  Believe you me…you will really enjoy working on this tool.

This blog is ideal for anyone who is looking to get started with the Xcelsius 2008.


Before you get started have data ready in spreadsheet as shown below.

Sheet 1 (World Sales)


Formula for “Total Worldwide sales” cell H13 is summation of all the values (=H3+H4+H5+H6+H7+H8) in column H

Formula for “FY6 Total Sales” cell H14 is summation of all the values (=G3+G4+G5+G6+G7+G8) in column G

Sheet 2 (Competitor)

Import Excel Sheet 

Import the excel sheet from your desktop into Xcelsius.


Add Container 

From the containers (Components) drag and drop a “Panel Container” into the workspace and adjust the size of this container.

Add Pie Chart 

From the “Charts” drag and drop a “Pie Chart” into the workspace.

Click the Pie Chart and enter the properties as shown below:


Enter the Chat title and Subtitle.

  • Values (click the arrow button beside the box):  select data from the excel sheet i.e. the FY7 values.
  • Labels: select data from the excel sheet i.e. all the countries in the column ‘B’.

To enable Drill Down in Pie Chart follow these simple steps.

When a user selects any country in the pie chart it should retrieve the entire row from the excel sheet for that corresponding country.


  • Source Data: select entire data from the excel sheet i.e. B3:H8
  • Destination: should be the row highlighted in “Yellow” in Excel sheet i.e. B11 :H11 

In the Appearance tab un check legend.

To Display the Legend of the Pie Chart

Drag and drop a pie chart, and select the Labels (shown Below) as described in the previous steps with same selections from the excel sheet.

In the Appearance tab check only the Legend.


Add Column Chart

To display chart for the selected country and the competitor 

In the General Tab enter the fields as shown below:


Add a series

  • Name:  select the cell (B 11) from the excel sheet.
  • Values(Y): select the row i.e. C 11: H 11
  • Category Labels(X): Select the row C 1: H 1

 Similarly add another Series (Competitor)

  • Name: Competitor
  • Values: Select the values B10:F10 (Competitor Sheet)

Add Line Chart

Adding another Chart that displays Market sales

In the General Tab fill in the Chart title and subtitle.


Add a series

  • Name: Actuals
  • Values(Y): select the row 1.e. C 11: H 11
  • Category Labels(X): Select the row C 1: H 1

Add a Slider

Drag and drop a Horizontal Slider into the Workspace. 

In the general tab enter the title and subtitle as shown below


Data: select the cell H 11 from the excel sheet.

Add Input Box

Drag Input text Box and Label Text into the workspace

Select the cell H14 from the excel sheet for Input Text.

Drag another Input text Box into the workspace

Select the cell H11 from the excel sheet.


Dynamic Labeling 

To display the country when the user clicks chart, drag and drop a label text and fill in the details as shown below.


Add themes and Colors of your choice to make your Dashboard look great.

You can Export to Pdf, Power Point, Word, Outlook… 


This is how output looks like (Copy the link)

Trail version of Xcelsius

SAP Crystal Solutions Downloads

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