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Strategies for SAP BI-BO Projects in Consulting Companies

Strategies for SAP BI-BO Projects in Consulting Companies

I was thinking about the marriage between the SAP BI and Business Objects and the after effects in terms of the expertise that consulting companies need to possess. Following the acquisition of Business Objects by SAP, SAP BI implementing companies will slowly tend to move on to use Business Objects as its reporting tool. This boils down to the consulting companies to be clear on what strategy to adopt to deploy required resource for a project involving SAP BI and Business Objects. Consulting companies need to proactively prepare themselves to possess people with familiarity in both SAP BI as well as Business Objects.  Consulting companies, as of now, have separate competencies, resources, logistics etc.  for SAP BI and Business Objects. Couple of thoughts that was running in my mind was that, should the consulting companies bring the Business Objects division under SAP BI? If not, what would be the logistics in delivering BO resources for SAP BI projects? Probably, collaboration chart will become a standard in SAP BI projects in future. This can provide details about how the BO resources will be pulled in and when for the SAP BI projects. Couple of advantages when BO is brought under SAP BI, is that, the combined strength of Business Objects and SAP BI resources is phenomenal. One of the primary tasks would be to do cross training between these two skills, so that, the final outcome will be great in terms of consultants who possess familiarity in both SAP BI as well as Business Objects. It’s not really an easy job to merge these two divisions. Alrite, so what if these divisions stay as they are now, but have a common understanding that resource can be shuffled across and can be utilized whenever needed, based on the client needs. Consulting companies should ideally have exchange programs, share experiences, materials, knowledge transfers and other methods that are mutually beneficial.

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  • Siree,

    You are thinking out loud. Good Thought. How is it looking in your own organization? Do you think cross sharing is already happening? Or with this blog, do you want your top management to start thinking on the same lines? 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment,Prakash. I guess there might be something hapenning on this front in my Oraganization, but, I am not a part of this. 🙂

  • Hi Sriee,
    Yes you are right, when change mangmt fails the entire project fails which I have witnessed. The Project Managers must plan change management along with general planing

    Nice article.