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SAP Mentor Dream Team SDN Day Hands-On Sessions

Update: Check out the SDN Day Hands-On Session Webinar Replay

One of the most exciting things we do this year at the SDN Day is a series of one hour cutting edge technology hands-on sessions held by a dream team of SAP Mentors

  1. Thomas Jung SAP’s      RIA techology – Get In and Get your hands dirty with Islands, Flex Client,      and NetWeaver Business Client
  2. Dan McWeeney Flex Component Development 101 –      Integrating the best of Adobe UI and the newest SAP Portal
  3. Rich Heilman ABAP Essentials for Building Next      Generation Enterprise Applications
  4. Ed Herrmann Bring      it all Together with FPM (Floorplan Manager) for Web Dynpro ABAP

Check in next Wednesday the 2nd of July 8am PSTwhere all 4 of them will introduce the concept and their sessions. 


US toll free: +1 866 205 3978 Rest of world sorry not toll free: +1 801 886 0856 Access Code: 5927730

Each of the sessions will be for one hour. You need to bring you laptop with SAP Gui already installed to be able to participate in the hands-on exercises.

Some elements may be used from one session to the next, but it is not essential to have done one to be able to participate in the next one.

If you sign up, please also register which of the sessions you want to participate in on the wiki  SDN Day page, so that we can see how to organize the rooms. There will be power strips, routers and network cables available to connect to the presenter’s laptop, which will be used as server.


Therefore if you come to TechEd this year please register for the SDN Day when signing up. It is going to be really exciting.


By the way the original Dream Team was the US Olympics Basketball team 1992 in Spain with: Charles Barkley , Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Michael Jordan, Christian Laettner, Karl Malone,Chris Mullin, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, and John Stockton. I don’t think that ever again such a great collection of talent played for one team. Interesting trivia of all of them Charles Barkley was the top scorer with 18 points per game.

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  • Sorry is the branding getting broken?
    SDN Day (previously know as Community Day (previously known as SDN Day))

    Anyway… sounds like a great session. Oh to be at the US Community Day.


    • Hi Nigel,

      Well Community Day as umbrella term. SDN Day and BPX Day as focus that you select for the day.

      As an SAP Mentor you get free entry to one SAP TechEd of your choice. You could spend the extra couple of bugs to fly to Las Vegas. With the dollar being so week once you are there it is cheap, as long as you don’t gamble 😉

      Of course we would totally miss you in Berlin.

      All the best, Mark.

  • Mark,
    I assume you mean 2nd of July…
    and yes I am very excited about these sessions and look forward to participate in the SDN day in Vegas. Sounds even better then the official Tech Ed tracks (which are great as well).



    • Hi Matthias,
      Thanks for pointing that out. Yes it is in two days on Wednesday 2nd of July. I updated the post. It is crazy that it took us a full day until someone found it out.
      See you there, Mark.