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Portal translation and transport problem and solution

Portal translation has been an integral part of the SAP Enterprise Portal for some time now. It also happened to be one of the stable and well performing applications within the web-based environment. However recently there were strange behaviours reported from some colleagues of mine. After solving the problem I decided to share it and the solution with you, so that you don’t get too much frustrated when it happens to you.

Generally speaking the problem occurs in scenarios, where we have a transport of already translated PCD objects into another portal. Here I guess, there is no need mentioning that both portals are at the same service pack level. So what happens is that in the source portal (normally Quaility Assurance) everything is translated and displayed in runtime without any problems. However after the transport to the target portal (normally Production) the translation package loads correctly and displays the translated texts, but the portal runtime still displays the old raw not translated texts.

The solution as you might think is not so obvious and I guess that is why I am describing it in this blog. The good thing is that once you know it, then you can always share it further and help other people not loosing a great amounts of time and nerves in trying to translate the packages over and over again (that doesn’t help).

To fix the above described problem you have to navigate to the System Administration role in the portal and select Support from there. In the content part click on the orange link as shown below:


From the newly opened content, click again on the orange marked link (as shown below):


Make sure no users are currently editing any PCD objects (can be done through System Administration -> Monitoring -> Object locking – if the table list is empty, then no objects are currently opened for editing). If the check proves that no one is active at the moment, then click on the marked button on the picture below:


As the button name suggests, the PCD Cache will be deleted and on the next refresh of the portal, you’ll see the transported translated texts in your runtime portal environment.

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  • Nice blog Todor.

    I had the same problem sometime back..

    Though I prefer fewer clicks to do that, exactly 3 😉
    Sys Admin -> Navigation -> Navigation Cache -> Clear