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MarketTrends@ERP (1) Market trends and expectations from users

Editions of this series: 1 – MarketTrends@ERP (2) Market trends and optimization of processes

ERP is a widely known category in our marketplace. Thus the definition could be very broad. This series of blogs would like to outline our view of this category and its further development. Even more it should help to discuss and get feedback on market trends around ERP and incubate a vital dialogue with the community.

Blog number (1) Market trends and expectations from users would like to concentrate on one of the main areas where we have been collecting feedback with the respective impact we do see on our ERP category.

Market trends and expectations from customers

Usually ERP is known for traditional strengths like high integrity and scalable processes, which is the basis that companies rely their business on. Addressing the need for company wide business information and clear processes across different stakeholders that enable control, tracking and monitoring.

Traditional Strengths of ERP:

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Global requirements
  • Industry-specific capabilities
  • High integrity, end-to-end business process support


Simplifying the way to deliver innovation by Enhancement package strategy (innovation “on-demand” ) we now also see growing demand from the market around what we would call use-centric ERP.


Speaking with many customers and asking for the main trends that they see to influence ERP solutions, we do hear about the following topics as of importance.



New Expectations of Users:

  • Easy to deploy, low TCO 
  • Innovate on demand
  • Exception based management
  • Personalization
  • Process of “me”


I would not go so far and position Web 2.0 “enablement” with this, watch out for a blog on this from my colleagues around future at ERP. But we do see a lot of attention around ease of deployment and innovation on-demand. Here the enhancement package concept has helped a lot to change the way customers consume innovation.


Building on this, one of the main values being faster consumption of new innovation (up to once a year), customers would like to personalize their ERP system to a larger degree and define and deploy personalized processes much easier and faster.







Visualizing the trends we see that will influence ERP solutions:  



Our path forward: use-centric ERP


As a result we will need to see ERP as a collection of end-to-end industry processes with a strong focus on easy consumption, with:

  • harmonized UI and native user experience (device specific)
  • embedded analytics and embedded search,  
  • continued SOA enablement


ERP needs to improve where possible, but on top of that we do the need to make ERP more accessible to more people in organizations.  It’s about distributing the access to more users – enabling more collaboration across the entire business – and making the software more manageable to change and address business needs.  



Let me know your thoughts and watch out for the next blog MarketTrends@ERP (2) Market trends and optimization of processes.

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