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Demo Jam 2008 @ SAP TechEd 2008

This Friday, July 4th (happy holidays America) is the deadline for Demo Jam submissions.

Here are the rules and some tips for your submission:

  1. Demos must focus on SAP technologies and applications but may also include third-party integration scenarios.
  2. No wannabe actors or dog and pony shows. Let the code speak for itself.
  3. Do not attempt to disguise a sales pitch as a demo. You will fail. Then you’ll be booed from the stage.
  4. Though your working group can be of any size, no more than two people may present the demo onstage. Refer to Rule #2 when selecting your representatives.
  5. The Demo Jam is BYOB-Bring Your Own Box. We provide only SAP standard laptops with internet connections.
  6. Customer contestants must demo a technology or application that is live or in rollout.
  7. Partner and SAP contestants must demo a technology or application that is currently available or has a public release date within six months.
  8. Demos must have a clear business value. A Matrix screensaver built in ABAP doesn’t cut it!
  9. Demos must be no more than six minutes in length. At 06:01, you will be escorted off the stage abruptly.
  10. Slides are absolutely verboten! You must demo code that actually runs. (Go to our competitor’s events if you want to see smoke and mirrors!)

 Insider Tips:

  • Demos should be hip, short, and “sexy.”
  • Enterprise mash-ups tend to be the best demos.
  • “If you can make business applications and technology really cool, we’ll probably let you in.” – Anonymous Selection Committee Member




This will be my 8th or 9th Demo Jam at SAP TechEd, so I’ve seen a few things that I’d like to share as “tips” as well. Being in the community I often get to see the stuff that did not get selected to present and after awhile you tend to find the two major characteristics that are needed to get your demo selected 1) Business Value and 2) Proper Platform 😉

1) Business Value, the joke is always that a screen saver in ABAP has no business value. Believe or not someone really did create one and I know Thomas created one as well (Hacker Night we got to see that one). So take note of that.

2) Platform, we’ve a platform and it’s called NetWeaver – if your tech is not running on that platform do you really think it’ll get highly rated? I’ve yet to see something not built on NetWeaver on some level get picked.

Also take some note from our own Mystery Blogger and his “Insider tips on the Demo Jam“. Now that I brought attention back to this blogger we’ll probably see something new from them this week…oh well can’t win them all 😉

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      #2 insight: If you're funny, interesting, have a big personality, and/or are otherwise entertaining, you stand a good chance.  But not if you're a suit (that's my role anyway) or a talking head presenter / business person who doesn't really understand what's going on under the hood.  Dan and Ed, our "Colgate Twins" were and are definitely entertaining and they are repeat winners and crowd favorites... the DemoJam poster children. 

      #10 = I like it, so I emphasize it here.

      Bonus: DemoJam is seriously fun.  If you enjoy your time in the spotlight (and have something cool and interesting to show), the crowd of 6000 screaming developers will return the love.

      See you at DemoJam,

      Mark Yolton