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Friday Morning Report – Man of the Community

Today’s show was/is a tribute to a man of the community, tireless effort, high output and all around good guy. 


Show Link:

Many technical problems today and the show kept dropping so to see it you’ll need to follow the links above in order.

The focus of the show was all about our man Alvaro aka Blag

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      • Marilyn:

        Yeah, it’s a shame…That’s one of my favorite photos! -:D

        I remember when I talking with Thomas Jung, he told me “Marilyn is around here…Wanna meet her?”, “Of course! I answer” -:)

        It was such an amazing time when I saw you and you said to me “Blag! Come over here”…I will never forget that…One of my Wayne’s World moments -:D

        Go to TechEd Las Vegas, big money…Meet Granny Mary in real life…Priceless -;)



        • I’m shocked! That photo is in there! I made extra sure it was. The problem is that it’s at the end and the fade out starts already before you really get to see it 🙁 the one of me and Blag is after that as well as a couple of others. Animoto made a change to the service so it’s a but harder to get the photos to all be in there for a 30 second short.
  • Hi,
    i couldn´t agree more.
    For me Alvaro (“Blag”) is a role model.
    i wish someday i could do half as he does.
    He really deserved this.

    Congratulations Blag for your continuous efforts.