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Eclipse Aviation CRM 2007 Business Transformation Study

Thought you may want to read more on the impact on our business after my Eclipse Aviation Eclipse Aviation goes live with SAP CRM 2007.  On April 17, 2008, I wrote about the interface challenges, UI Enhancements, UI for Sales Professional, Customer Care and Marketing.  I also mentioned the reaction to the business upon go-live.

Since then, we have completed the Business Transformation Study process. It required a review on the organization and business impact as a result of the CRM implementation with the business owners. Key Performance Indicators have been identified to measure our operational benefits and success.  I’d like to elaborate on those operational metrics because as you know, all CRM projects are driven by the business. As project manger, I need to justify “why” and the impact on the business.

The Eclipse Aviation Business Transformation Study articulates just that, and we go into some details about how this process worked. Let me break it down a bit for you:

Our Key Challenges

  • Support sales and presales processes better
  • Increase user adoption of the SAP® Customer Relationship Management application in sales, customer care, and marketing
  • Integrate front-end and back-end processes
  • Efficiently manage total customer life cycle
  • Support growth with scalable infrastructure
  • Sustain highest level of collaboration with regulators, partners, customers, and employees

Implementation Best Practices

  • Project prepared and tuned according to user community needs
  • Careful estimates of time and effort before implementation
  • Engagement with platinum-level internal and external consultants
  • Use of SAP Ramp-Up methodology for process flow, coaching, and consulting
  • Use of test sandbox prior to upgrade Financial and Strategic Benefits
  • Increased usability for more efficient sales and prospecting processes
  • Increased rate of sales opportunities
  • Improved internal and external communications

Why SAP Was Selected

  • Faster time to benefit
  • Single technology platform
  • Enhanced user interface
  • SAP solution consulting experience
  • SAP Ramp-Up program coaching and consulting

Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Avoided cost of purchasing nonintegrated sales system
  • Quick and on-time implementation in only 8 weeks
  • Increased user adoption
  • Accelerated implementation via SAP Ramp-Up methodology

Operational Benefits – Key Performance Indicators:

  • User adoption within sales organization +85%
  • Increase in sales productivity +40%
  • Increase in customer care productivity +40%
  • Increase in marketing efficiencies +15%
  • Reduction in total configuration time -15%
  • Reduction in system training -50%
  • Increase in ease of use of day-to-day operations +40%

Eclipse Aviation CRM Business Transformation Study gives a lot more detail as well as context, so I encourage you to read it and feel free to respond to this post!

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  • Mike,

    Thank you once again for sharing.  Once we are past our latest upgrade, this information will be useful in planning our next CRM deliverables.

    Thank you,


  • Mike,

    Can you elaborate on how some of your KPI’s were calculated?

    In particular, I am interested on how you calculated the following:

    – Increase in ease of use
    – Increase in sales productivity

    Thank you,


    • Hi Stephen.

      Increase of ease of use was a ‘soft’ KPI, based mainly on sales user interviews asking them how much easier it is to use (%) compared to the old and averaging the results.

      Increase of sales productivity was a measure of # of leads created  with employees assigned in one period (CRM 4.0) versus a same time period (CRM 2007).