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Adobe meets SAP: A London Nanoconference on July 11th

AS I said over on my personal blog, Monkchips, “I am always interested in community spanning, and one of the most interesting community mashup dynamics of recent times has been SAP meets scripting language hackers, exemplified by this SAP T-Mobile case study I wrote up”.

SAP has created entirely new possibilities for better user experiences by opening up its architecture for easy access by third party systems such as Adobe Flex and Microsoft Office.  SAP is now hackable in a good way.

Adobe offers rich possibilities for application developers already, but there is more to come. Adobe’s Livecycle document management platform could be used within SAP business process workflows (SAP Interactive Forms), for example. Perhaps the most exciting area of collaboration is going to come in the shape of Adobe’s AIR Adobe’s new experience rendering runtime (which runs online or offline), meeting SAP and Business Objects. Before SAP decided to acquire Business Objects, the BI company had decided to remake its UI experience using Adobe technology.The opportunity is to bring a new level of interactivity to SAP, with situational applications and ridiculously slick dashboards.

Which finally brings me to the point of this post. Both Adobe and SAP are clients. Its part of our role to help grow and intermingle the development communities to enable more innovation. To that end, on the afternoon of July 11th we’re going to run a little event in London bringing together some developers, evangelists and user customers to better understand joint technical and business opportunities.

If you’re interested in coming along please let me know. From Adobe we have James Ward, The RIA Cowboy, one of its evangelist rockstars. I am hopefully we’ll also have SAP uber-evangelist Craig Cmehil

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  • Hey James,

    great idea. I think you can count me in with some support from your side. Anything were I can help or that I can provide?

    Looking forward to see you in London,

  • I’m happy to see stuff like this happening, as an Adobe employee it’s great.  More importantly though as someone who used Flex as an SAP customer, this sort of cross over really benefits the install base.  At CP we used it to create some really great Proof of Concept stuff and I believe they are now pushing to release it into production.


  • Monkchips:

    Really nice…I love both SAP and Flex…I not going to be able to make it to London, but you can count on me from the distance…Everything I can do to help, just drop me a line…

    BTW…I nice to have you back blogging on SCN.



  • i am glad there seems to be real interest in the event. now thinking about how i can use the internet so that blag can participate…

    any help pimping this in the UK or mainland europe much appreciated!