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CRM 52 to CRM 2007: Early Impressions


Due to some strong business requirements, we have decided to make the immediate leap from CRM 52 to CRM 2007.  Originally we would have preferred to be on CRM 2007, but the timing did not work out.  We now have converted our dual-stack sandbox from 52 to 2007 and here are some of our findings.


1.  The dual-stack upgrade requires more time on the basis side.  From what we have seen the whole java prepare adds some extra time to the timeframe required. 

2.  Repository adjustment is easier via copy.  Unless you have modified the respository of the “enhanced components” then doing a copy/replace with the newer version works best.  The compare tools still are too much work.  Since we didn’t do anything to the respository.xml file in the old releae we took this approach.

3.  Personalization from the old release needs to be deleted.  In order to get some of the benefits of CRM 2007(editable overview screens), we need to delete user personalization settings from CRM 52.  After posting a question on SDN we found the answer that was using the report BSP_DLC_DELETE_PERSONALIZATION.  This information is also on the CRM wiki

4.  New configurations needed for new screens.  This really didn’t shock us, and was expected.  This was not too bad as we did not have a lot of enhancements in the UI.  We also followed the enhancement procedures, and were rewarded.

5.  UI refinements are excellent.  For most of my users who didn’t request the functionality that 2007 had vs CRM 52, the UI refinements are going to be a way to give something back to them.  The collapsable menu bar, along with the drag and drop personalization should keep people happy.  Also the whole “editable overview” screens will eliminate the griping over the old “green check back” button editing procedure.

6.  Short timeframe to get up and running.  I think we spent about two to three days post upgrade to get 80% of our applications running again.  This included switching over to the new “editable overview” screens and spau adjustments(think old note corrections). 


The upgrade will appear to have a minimal impact on what will be needed to be done to make the system workable again.   If you have done a lot of repsository enhancements in CRM 52 then you may encounter a lot more work. 

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  • In my project, which also went from 5.2 to CRM2007 – we have a hard time with converting all the PCUI enhancements into the new framework.

    The new UI is the best – I am a huge fan. A lot of thought has gone into developing this.

    BOL/GENIL enhancements didnt seem very intuitive, but we are getting a hang of it now.

  • Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for sharing these important CRM 2007 insights!
    Many CRM customers are only beginning to know the value and power of collaboration and interaction in the CRM BPX community.
    To them,  I’ve sent the link to your blog.
    Let’s hope to hear from them soon!


  • Stephen, congrats on getting your sandbox in CRM 2007 up and running!

    Your comments on the UI refinements are spot on based on my experience.  Our users got a lot out of the new UI fit and finish.

    Keep us updated on your Business Role development and the total rollout.


    Mike B

    • Mike and Anne,

      Thank you for feedback.  It may be sometime before I post any new updates.  I just received our development system this week.  If all goes well we should be up on CRM 2007 before end of summer.

      Take care,


  • Hi Stephan
    I’ve been assigned to upgrade CRM 5.0 to 5.2. can you please provide some information about this upgrade or explain how this upgrade suppose to work? means is this just component support pack upgrade or its a long upgrade eg 5.0 to 2007. I would really appreciate your help in this situation… thank s
    • Amir,

      I don’t know why you would be going to CRM 52 at this point as CRM 2007 is now GA, however that has no impact on my answer.

      The upgrade between CRM 50 to CRM 52 would be equivalent to CRM 50 to CRM 2007.  CRM 52 was the predcessor release of CRM 2007 and they are based on the same technical foundation.

      I would expect the effort to be equivalent to go to either release.

      Take care,