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Web Dynpro: Running Web Dynpro Applications over SAPGUI

The begin

Some days ago a customer required that all Web Dynpro Applications developed by our company was accessible via SAPGUI. So searching in SDN i found the function WDY_EXECUTE_IN_PLACE.


Creating the program

Go to the Object Navigator (SE80) and create a new program.

Include programs

Now in the created program, add the following include programs:

GUI status and title

Create a GUI Status like follows:

And a GUI Title:

Global declarations and variables

Add the following code the MZWDA_INPLACETOP include:

Creating the screen

Now create a screen:

Screen attributes

Screen layout

 Screen elements attributes

  • Text Field:

  • Input Output Field:

  • Button:

  • Custom Control:

Screen element list


Screen flow logic

The screen flow logic code is:

PBO modules logic

PAI module logic

Include MZWDA_INPLACEF01 logic


Now it’s necessary to activate all objects and create a transaction like follows:

The result


 This blog was based on the SAP programs DEMO_START_WD_IN_PLACE1 and DEMO_START_WD_IN_PLACE2.

And you can get more information about the function module WDY_EXECUTE_IN_PLACE in the SAP Help Documentation.

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  • Thanks so much for this extreme detailed and fine prepared blog! I didn't know that is possible to show a Web Dynpro via SAP Gui, maybe I have to do it in a upcoming project.

    Steffen Fröhlich

  • We can also run WD application by inserting into favourite.
    There is a "Add other Objects" option in the Favourites on SAP Start screen.
    Then we have to choose type "Webdynpro Application"
    • Hello Renjith,

      First of all, thank you so much for read it!

      Yes, it's possible to add a web dynpro application in the favourites menu but sometimes we need to integrate a web dynpro application with a program that only runs over SAPGUI (a module pool for example) with the code showed in this you can do it very easy.

      You can, for example, create a web dynpro application for the new requirements from the customer and if necessary to integrate it with other applications (module pool/reports) already developed, just add this via enhancements.

      Regards and thank you.

  • Hi David,

    Good job! Thank you to share it with us !

    Welcome to SCN Blog, I would like to see you more times as a blogger.

    Best Regards.

    Marcelo Ramos