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The begin

Some days ago a customer required that all Web Dynpro Applications developed by our company was accessible via SAPGUI. So searching in SDN i found the function WDY_EXECUTE_IN_PLACE.


Creating the program

Go to the Object Navigator (SE80) and create a new program.

Include programs

Now in the created program, add the following include programs:

GUI status and title

Create a GUI Status like follows:

And a GUI Title:

Global declarations and variables

Add the following code the MZWDA_INPLACETOP include:

Creating the screen

Now create a screen:

Screen attributes

Screen layout

 Screen elements attributes

  • Text Field:

  • Input Output Field:

  • Button:

  • Custom Control:

Screen element list


Screen flow logic

The screen flow logic code is:

PBO modules logic

PAI module logic

Include MZWDA_INPLACEF01 logic


Now it’s necessary to activate all objects and create a transaction like follows:

The result


 This blog was based on the SAP programs DEMO_START_WD_IN_PLACE1 and DEMO_START_WD_IN_PLACE2.

And you can get more information about the function module WDY_EXECUTE_IN_PLACE in the SAP Help Documentation.

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  1. Steffen Froehlich
    Thanks so much for this extreme detailed and fine prepared blog! I didn’t know that is possible to show a Web Dynpro via SAP Gui, maybe I have to do it in a upcoming project.

    Steffen Fröhlich

  2. Former Member
    We can also run WD application by inserting into favourite.
    There is a “Add other Objects” option in the Favourites on SAP Start screen.
    Then we have to choose type “Webdynpro Application”
    1. Former Member Post author
      Hello Renjith,

      First of all, thank you so much for read it!

      Yes, it’s possible to add a web dynpro application in the favourites menu but sometimes we need to integrate a web dynpro application with a program that only runs over SAPGUI (a module pool for example) with the code showed in this you can do it very easy.

      You can, for example, create a web dynpro application for the new requirements from the customer and if necessary to integrate it with other applications (module pool/reports) already developed, just add this via enhancements.

      Regards and thank you.

  3. Former Member

    Thanks a lot for this! I wasn’t aware of the fact that could run WebDynpro inside GUI…Very useful blog! -:D



  4. Marcelo Ramos
    Hi David,

    Good job! Thank you to share it with us !

    Welcome to SCN Blog, I would like to see you more times as a blogger.

    Best Regards.

    Marcelo Ramos


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