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New Personal Blogging Home

We’re a community here at SCN and as a community many times we have personal news we’d like to share amongst friends.  We’ve decided to allocate a very special space for this type of personal news.

Today I’ve reactivated the news functionality of the community profiles space on the wiki.  This is the new home for all personal blogging! A place where Blag is free to share the wonderful news that his daughter Kiara has made her way into the world and DJH can share receiving his first OSS note back from SAP for an SAP coding error that he personally discovered. A place where the community is free to share with each other important personal milestones and all in a points free blogging zone!

We thought the community profiles area was the perfect home for personal blogging. Each blogger can link to his/her community profile and that way we can get to know each other even better.  For example, if I was blogging about the birth of a member’s son, I could link to his profile page (like Alvaro’s name above) so everyone could know who I was referring to and perhaps even see pictures of the new addition.

So how do you blog? Well it’s simple really. In the upper right corner of the page is the “Add News” link. Simply press and a new page opens. Give it a title, add labels, content and save! It’s that simple.

In addition we’ve created an RSS feed to follow the personal blogging from the comfort of your personal feed readers. The feed is located on the right side of the main community profile page under the quick links section.

We hope everyone enjoys this new section!

Important to Note: Please remember that the community profile section of the site is an invitation only environment.  You must first meet the requirements of earning over 100 points and then act upon the invitation emailed to you, by creating your profile page. Any “news” post made without the user having created their profile page first will be automatically removed. We also reserve the right to remove any post we deem unacceptable, flammatory, uncivil etc.  Again, anyone earning over 100 points in the community automatically receives a community profile invitation (check your spam folder).

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  • Gali:

    Thanks a lot for this great news! -:) Now we can share our personal facts without interfering with the blogging system…Also, we’re going to improve the use of the WIKI…Nice move from you and the SCN Team -;)