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My first post- SAP and Adobe Flex / AIR

Hi everyone.

I’m making my first official blog post here on SDN. I just thought I’d take a moment and introduce myself. 

I work for Adobe on the team that manages our SAP Alliance.  I’ve got about 14 years of enterprise software experience prior to joining Adobe, mostly in technical sales management and product management.

What I’ll be focussing on with this blog is the adoption of RIA technology like Adobe’s Flex within the SAP eco-system.  I’ll probably also touch on topics like Interactive Forms by Adobe, and Adobe Acrobat Connect, which also are products that SAP re-sells and uses wiithin their own products.

I’m the primary contact at Adobe for all SAP Flex and Flash and AIR related activities, and I’ll be following in the footsteps of my good friend and colleague Matthias Zeller.  Matthias is now part of another team within Adobe, working on a project code named “Genesis” that uses Adobe’s AIR as a client for a next generation collaborative workspace.

We have a lot of exciting things happening with the SAP and Flex development communities, so stay tuned…

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  • Welcome to the community Andre.
    Looking forward to more blogs from you, as you can see the community is quite interested in Adobe products esp. Flex and AIR.
    Would love to collaborate with you in the future 🙂


  • Glad to read about things happening in this area.

    I work for an SAP partner in the media industry where great looking websites are very important.

    That’s why we’ve gone down the flex route to develop our portal.

    We have looked at BSP, Webdynpro for Java and ABAP but have decided that Flex would give us the most flexible GUI development environment and provide the nicest user experience.

    Keep up the excellent work on Flex!

    Jurgen Lootens
    G3 Global, London

  • ..nice that everyone knows each other, is happy to see each other and have everyone wherever he is (e.g. here).

    Personally, from the headline I’d been expecting to read some info about air, flex, etc rather than some info on upcoming intros to upcoming info…

    Anyway, I am now looking forward to read something about the ‘… adoption of RIA technology LIKE Adobe’s Flex …’ in the future blogs. At first hand I had been reading ‘… adoption of Adobes RIA technology Flex …’ but now I am eagerly awaiting comparative analyses of several such technologies, for example an assessment of FLEX vs. Silverlight and similar.


    PS: welcome to the network Andre; don’t take my comment too personal, I am just expressing on every 23rd occasion my displeasedness with blogs carrying no factual essence and announcing follow-ups which more than often do not follow.

  • Hi and welcome! Good to see you are going to show us more of the Adobe product scala in the future. We are really excited about using Flex in the Portal as well.