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Resource Requirement for Duet implementation

Well there is a question that resonates among our customers or when I am pulled into meetings as to what skillset is required to implement Duet, who should I pull into this project? Resource requirement and so on. In this blog I will concentrate mainly on the skillset required and discuss some success factors.


As the landscape justifies, Duet is primarily a router between the two giants SAP and Microsoft, which encompasses the architecture and principles of eSOA. Hence it leverages the existing skillset in any given customer environment.

Resource Requirement:


Customer Project Manager: who is the owner of the project planning phase, monitors the progress and facilitates the coordination among the project team members. Experience: SAP Project Management Experience.

Project Team Members Comprises of the following leads: 

Duet/ Netweaver Expert: Is someone who has Netweaver knowledge or SAP J2ee knowledge. This person is going to be responsible for the implementation and configuration of Duet landscape; we don’t need a separate Netweaver expert for project involving POC.

Experience: As netwevear expert can pick up the knowledge required to install Duet. It would be good if he/she is well-versed with Netweaver Java system expert with knowledge in netweaver security protocols, j2ee installation and SAP backend system patching/transports.   


Business Expert: Varies from Application to Application, if you are installing Sales Management then experience with SAP CRM 5.0 is required and so on.


 Skills / Experience

Duet Scenario

SAP ERP 2004 or






Time Management

Team Management

Organizational Management

Leave Management

Travel Management

Meeting Planning

Reporting and Analytics

BI 3.5 or 7.0

Reporting and Analytics

SAP SRM 6.0 and SRM MDM Catalog 2.0

Purchasing Management

Contract Lifecycle Management


Sales Management


Demand Planning

SAP e-Recruiting 6.0



Technical Expert: Ranges from large companies to mid-size companies. The tasks for this role revolve around expertise in Microsoft ADS, Exchange server, SMS software deployment on the client and domain Administration. Basically a system administrator that manages the mailbox accounts.


Best Practice for successful completion of the project:
  • Coordination and communication is the key success factor which is utmost required among team members and groups involved for successful completion.
  • Check on pre-requisite prior to the implementation is helpful in accessing the project timelines
  • Executive sponsor helps in overcoming difficulties related to strategic decision making.
  • Involvement of all groups during the planning phase is important.
  • Involvement of the business community in testing cycles helps in faster adoption cycle.
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