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SDN – long time ago

Once in a while it is good to look back and be nostalgic about things. As I was browsing through SDN today, I thought of the time when I first joined SDN and this was a cool 4 years back. I am a nomad and I am pleasantly surprised to find myself a member of a Network for so long.

Welcome mail from SDN

SDN back then had very few features (I can remember only Forums) and very few members as well – if I remember right the count was around 800. But now we have loads of features (we even have discussions on where to place what content) and the membership has sky rocketed. The days of the T-shirts are gone and now we are donating for a good cause. The Portal is much faster even though the number of users have increased. And we also have a new community now – BPX. And the SDN Newsletter looks much better now.

SDN Newsletter - back then

But with the increase in numbers, the issues or debates have also increased (for example, the issue of fake users which brings down the credibility of SCN to a great extent). But then the core SCN team as well as the Moderators are doing a great job of keeping things in control. I do hope that as the world of Collaboration opens up even more (maybe with Web 2.0), we will still be able to tackle the issues which come with it. Every person who joins SAP Labs India goes through a session from either me or Abesh about the different features available in SCN and one of the key points emphasised there is the need to follow certain good practises – mistakes do happen but they should be less and should be learnt from. Maybe the SDN Mentors can play a similar role in their Organisations.

I hope that my association with SCN continues and I will strive to contribute a lot of meaningful content. One of the things on my to-do list – to check if I can create a space especially for Business ByDesign in the Wiki area.

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  • It's interesting to see what was and to compare it to what is now... amazing how much we've grown together.  And exciting to think what's to come...

    Mark Yolton