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O’Reilly: SAP NetWeaver CE “a contender”

O’Reilly editor and technology evangelist chromatic finished off his three-part series on SAP NetWeaver CE yesterday with this article on the O’Reilly News network:

In the article, the author discusses bundling and deploying the application he created, building to a natural conclusion of his previous two articles. He writes accessibly about what was confusing, what was easy, where we could improve our learnability, and what tips he learned from the whole process.

Speaking of learnability, chromatic specifically calls out the merits (and shortcomings?) of the SDN:

I did occasionally rely on the SDN, though it’s not perfect either. Plenty of material is available there, including some tutorials and training information. Some of it is great, but plenty applies to older versions of the software. (I followed a few dead ends before realizing that searching had landed me in the midst of a tutorial for an older, deprecated technique.)

Although I never posted directly in the SDN forums, I found some great information there, and it’s likely that other SDN participants would have led me in the right direction, if I hadn’t had Armand and Angel to guide me.

Then he closes with his analysis and thoughts on the whole experience:

SAP NetWeaver CE doesn’t remove all of the pain from enterprise software development. I didn’t expect it to. It’s not perfect, but in its sweet spot and with a little training or experience, it’s powerful and flexible, and I’d consider using it for a real, non-toy application.

Another way of putting the question the series set out to answer could be: Can a potentially new type of audience that may be seeking to download, install, configure, and use CE on its own, without too much help from trained consultants, relying perhaps solely on our good community, be ultimately successful?

Chromatic’s verdict, at least: “It’s a contender.”  Community: What do you say?

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