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New live demos for BlackBerry devices available!

I’m glad to announce the new Mobile – Always Connected live demonstrations. This means that you can access these demonstrations live and directly with your device. All you need is your BlackBerry, a browser and a connection to the network. Every demonstration has a direct access to an SAP demo backend system.

Don’t worry if you do not have a BlackBerry device you can also try the application with the BlackBerry emulator or watch the recorded videos.

This is a demonstration of the technology SAP NetWeaver Mobile. The applications are developed to show the capabilities of SAP NetWeaver Mobile. There are currently no plans to offer these scenarios based on SAP NetWeaver Mobile – Always Connected Clients as SAP standard applications.

Please note that the BlackBerry HTML rendering is not officially supported by SAP NetWeaver Mobile. SAP NetWeaver supports WML rendering for BlackBerry devices.This demonstration forces the Pocket Internet Explorer HTML rendering on a Blackberry Device via the url parameter (PieClient). This rendering option is already available in SAP NetWeaver 6.40 / 7.0 /7.1.

Which Business Scenario is covered ?

The central place to start all scenarios is a application called Mobile Workplace. The Mobile Workplace provides access to the following applications and scenarios:

Mobile Leave Request: Enter a absence type, a date and submit the information from your blackberry directly to the SAP Backend System.

Mobile Trip Request: Enter a absence type, a date and submit the information from your blackberry directly to the SAP Backend System

Mobile Workflow Inbox: Every Leave Request and every Trip request is reflected in the SAP ERP backend system. The backend system will then trigger a workflow. The manager can access the Mobile Workflow Inbox and approve or decline pending trip or leave requests. This demo shows an interaction of the two roles: Employee and Manager.

Mobile Roombooking: Searching for a meeting room while on the move? Could be difficult 😉 This demonstration shows a possible solution. Book a meeting room directly with your Blackberry and an SAP Backend Connection.


Which technology is used ?

All demonstrations are based on SAP NetWeaver Mobile for always connected clients (formely known as mobile Web Dynpro). This technology is based on a model driven approach and enables you to build applications for mobile browsers with access to your SAP backend system. It enables you to mobilize your SAP processes.

This link provides more information about Mobile – Always Connected Clients.


How can I get access to these applications ?

Browser Bookmark: It’s as easy as it sounds. Just add the following bookmark to the browser of your mobile device and get access to the Mobile Workplace:

Please watch out for the correct spelling (upper and lower case).


Is a recorded version available ?

A recorded version of each scenario is available:

Using a Blackberry Device for Creating a Leave Request in the SAP Backend System

Using a Blackberry Device for Creating a Trip Request in the SAP Backend System

Using a Blackberry Device for Accessing the Workflow Inbox of an SAP Backend System

Using a Blackberry Device for Room Booking


I don’t have a Blackberry device, can I use the simulator instead?

Yes, you can run these applications also in the blackberry emulator. Please take a look at the following blog to get more information how to install the BlackBerry simulator:



I can’t access the application:There is a weekly downtime every monday from 8 am to 11 am CET.

The device specific rendering is incorrect:Please ensure that you swithched on the HTML/ Java Script support in your Browser settings.Open the context menu of your browser and select “Options”, “Browser Configuration”. Please mark “Support JavaScript”, “Support HTML Tables” and set the Content Mode to “HTML & WML”.


Have fun with the latest demos for Mobile – Always Connected Clients.


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  • Stefan:

    Thanks for the link, they are very helpful…I’m planning to learn WebDynpro Java, so the documents are great for me -;)



    • Hi Stefan,

      Do we have standard leave application that can be deployed on a Mobile device?

      Getting into technical terms, is there a leave application which has got the BAPI’s,SyncBO’s and GUI code which can directly deployed on the device and corresponding Platforms?

      Thanks and Regards,

  • Hi Stefan,

    Very interesting demo. I have a customer requesting for such app. Please advice the components required to set this up.

    Also it will add value if the demo includes a backend to show that my leave has been successfully applied and pending approval in the backend. So whatever info entered on the device is reflected in the backend. More compelling that way.

    Any way thanks and good demo

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the blog.
    The recording are indeed useful. However, could you please share the required components for blackberry,


  • Stefan,

    Could you also mention that to be able to deploy an application to the Blackberry, we need to get the key from blackberry to sign the app. Creating these apps that talk to the backend is quite easy as we did an integration between SAP EP, SAP CRM to BObj and CRM sends a live connection to the blackberry and recieved and updates a table for BObj in realtime in 48 hours..Courtesy..the SAP Developer Challenge 2008..


    • Ravi,

      this demonstration does not require a developer key, because it is not based on the JDE of RIM. It’s a browser based solution which was developed with the SAP NetWeaver Developer studio.
      The used technology is SAP NetWeaver Mobile – Always Vonnected, formely known as Mobile Web Dynpro.Anyway, good to hear that you build a mobile application with SAP integration that fast.

      Best Regards, Stefan

      • Hi Stefan,
            Does the user need to login when he/she goes to the link? What kind of authentication is used for this? Does the user need to be backend ERP user?


        • Hi Ravi,

          the demo application is using a fixed user name and password for the Login mechanism.

          But there are different options available:
          1. Username /Password
          2. Fixed User
          3. Logon Ticket / Certificate

          The user needs a backend ERP user.

          Best Regards,

          • Hi Stefan,
               Demo application being fixed user name is fine. We are thinking of blackberry enabling an approval SAP workflow application that we built and am looking for various ways to authenticated the users if they get an email with a link to a webiste where they are supposed approve some documents. If it were a normal PC based application we can use windows integrated authentication so that the user does not have to login again. But since this is Blackberry based will the user have to login and do we have develop the authentication infrastructure – are there other alternatives that will allow recoginition of the user identity based on Blackberry capabilities?


          • Hello Ravi,

            such a solution is integrated in a SAP application which is called Mobile Sales Online. This application includes a seperate component (RIMLogonModule). This component is using the Email Adress of the device which is part of http header data for the authorization. Using this, the Enduser does not need to enter a username or a password.

            Best Regards,


  • This is an interesting demo of an “online” web based application but to be truely “mobile” an offline capability is required. For example turning the radio off on your BB device and then working on your WorkFlow items during the “downtime” on a plane or in areas of poor data coverage. When will the rich offline client be available?
  • Stefan,

    This is very interesting blog.  We have developed similar WD4J based application for workflow inbox approvals ob a blackberry device in our sandbox environment.  One issue we are facing is how can the attachments (word doc, excel file, pdf file, or a BOR) of a work item be displayed in the blackberry browser through WD4J.  Have you tried this?  Any thought or hint will be very appreciated.


  • Hi Stefan,

    Do you have any document related to development of Blackberry (BB) application using PR approval workflow?

    Thanks & regards,
    Romi Malik

    • Hello Romi,

      I’m afraid but there is no documentation for Purchase Request workflows. The demo scenario only covers workflows for trip/travel requests.

      This would be a custom development.But it could be easily implemented.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Stefan,

    Can you please help me with the steps required for integrating the workflow to the blackberry.i.e., to get the workitems onto the blackberry device of the user?



  • Stefan,

    Crisp Blog!. I am happy for you :).

    Well, I am in need of the the pre requisite for running a Blackberry <> SAP WebAS <> SAP Backend(ECC?) system along with all the technical details ( ex: data volume on the device, mandatory requirement of a Blackberry Enterprise Server( BES), how “thick” can be my application?, et al).

    Would you point us there?.

    Rgds, Suresh BJ

    • Hello Suresh,

      this is a browser based solution with a zero footprint, meaning there is no data installed on the device.
      The mobile device is using an HTTP connection to the BES and the BES is forwarding the request to the SAP NetWeaver AS Java.

      Is the BlackBery Enterprise Server mandatory ?
      Well, you need a BlackBerry Enterprise Server in order to use the BlackBerry Browser. Therefore the BES is mandatory to use the BlackBerry Browser. It’s mandatory for a BlackBerry but not for SAP NetWeaver Mobile.

      I hope this helps.

      Best Regards,