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BusinessObjects Explorer. Innovative Product, Great Cause!

Recently, SAP launched its newest product in the BusinessObjects portfolio. BusinessObjects Explorer (Formerly Known as Polestar) is a revolutionary and innovative product that helps customers get key insights of their business with few key strokes and allows companies to achieve the vision of becoming a “Clear Enterprise”.


An innovative product needs an innovative launch so, in addition to the industry demos, we decided to shad lights on a topic of global implication. The topic of microfinance is a fascinating one. The demo shows how few dollars can change lives and give the poor a chance to lift themselves and their family out of poverty.





Microfinance is a small-scale financial service, primarily in the form of loan or credit. Microfinance has proven to be a powerful instrument for poverty reduction. By helping a poor family to build assets and increase incomeMicrofinance Works, a micro-loan has an immediate impact on quality of life,  the ability to afford food, shelter, education and healthcare. As business income increases, the business is able to expand, and the effect spreads beyond the family into the local community.  


Did you know that almost 50% of the world population- 2.7 billion people- live with under $2 dollars a day? Did you know that microfinance borrowers with income of less than $40 a week build businesses and still send their kids to school?. Like I said before, it is a fascinating topic. To learn more and take the interactive quiz demo that let you learn and answer similar questions while trying one of the coolest tools in business intelligent.


SAP worked with Opportunity International , one of the largest micro-finance organizations in the world with more than 1,000,000 clients worldwide. OI strategy is to create jobs, stimulate small businesses and is ranked as top charity by Charity Navigator. provided data and support for the demo and is doing an important role out there, they deserve our thanks and support.

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