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MB5B offers negative results when executed per posting date.

Many users see negative results when they execute the transaction MB5B for a specific posting date, even when the negative stocks have not been allowed in the customizing.


We need to consider that, at the time of the goods issue, the system only validates whether sufficient stock is available in the complete posting period, and not on a specific posting date.


The stock and value information is kept in the tables on a period basis.

The table entries relate to the complete posting period, and not to a specific posting date.

If there is stock enough in a posting period, the system will indeed allow the posting, even if it does not make sense according to the specific date within the period.


If we were posting the goods issue in a different period in which we do not have stock, the system would indeed send an error message, but if the postings occur in the same period with different dates, the system will not issue any error.



For example, we can have the following situation:


Stock in the period 04/2008

0 PC



Goods movements in the period 05/2008:



Posting date

Date of entry


Goods Receipt



10 PC

Goods Issue



10 PC



The system allows this goods issue to be posted with a posting date before than the posting date in the goods receipt because on the period 05/2008 we have stock enough to save this goods movement. The system checks for stock in the whole period, and not to specific dates within the period.

If negative stocks are not allowed in the system, this goods issue could not have been executed with posting date in the previous month (04/2008), because in this period we do not have stock. In this case the system sends the error message M7021 reporting a deficit of stock at Storage Location level in the previous period (M7 021 “Deficit of SL Unrestr. prev. + Quantity: Material, Plant, Storage Location”).


In the stocks tables (MARC, MARD, MBEW) the system will never allow negative stocks if you make the settings for negative stocks NOT allowed in Customizing for Inventory Management by using transaction “OMJ1”.


Reports like MB5B (Stock on posting date) can offer negative results when executed for dates previous to the goods receipt, but this is only a reporting issue: if the program is correctly executed for the complete period (month/year), it should never show negative values.



For the example we were discussing before:


MB5B executed with a selection date within the month like 10.05.2008:





Will indeed offer negative stocks:





However, when executed for the complete posting period with selection date from the 01.05.2008 to the 31.05.2008, the negative stocks are no longer listed:




So you will need to consider if it makes sense to post a material movement with a posting date lower than acquisition date.

If you do the goods issue posting corresponding to the real goods issue date in your stock, this incidence will be avoided.

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  • Hi

    so could ı do any control ıf ı have no any stock postıng date?


    XX materıal 1000 storage : 09.04.2015 : 100 kg

    XX materıal 1000 storage : 01.04.2015: Zero

    I m doıng 261 move type on 09.04.2015 for postıng date 01.04.2015..must be not possıble can ı stop this?

    • Hi Ali,

      The solution is “organizational”: if the users post the goods movements when they take place in the real life, then, this issue will be avoided (in the real life the goods issue has to take place after the 09.04.2015 because it is only after that date when you have stock).

      You can check the KBA 1828136:

      “Own checks can be implemented with the help of the BADI MB_MIGO_BADI (method
      CHECK_HEADER) to check if the date in GOHEAD-BUDAT is greater than the system
      date (SY-DATLO)”.

      This is a way to ensure that goods movements in the system take place in the same sequence as in the real life.

      I hope this helps you further!