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SAP Developer Challenge Kick-Off

Intorduction round at SAP Developer ChallengeJust arrived at the Developer Challenge at the round of introduction of all participants. For the first time we have opened up to customers and partners to be part of it too.  

It is cool, that even though the event is focused only on North America, people from a lot of corners of the world are present. I heard of: US, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Israel, India, Asia, … One way or another they ended up developing on North American soil and found their way here.   


Many developers from Business Object are here, which is cool, as beautiful analysis and reporting will be in our near future at the Demo Jam on Monday.


SAP Labs Managing Director Rami Branitzky kicked the Developer challenge off.


He was very quick on his feet, when one developer said: “There is a big interest in Green IT regarding saving energy and toxic waste.” Without missing a beat Rami replied: “I hope you didn’t bring some.” 😉


The Goal of the Developer Challenge is

  • Co-Innovation     
  • Inspiring      Ecosystem collaboration


My new favorite word is stoked. The word is probably was thrown on the outdated heap years ago by the cool kids, but I don’t care. It describes my feeling about this event the best: Stoked. I am convinced that the real interesting stuff is happening at the fringes. By bringing Customer, Partners and SAP developers together the chance of fringe and different perspectives on our themes to come together is enormous.


We have invited experts to give introductions to the themes that the teams are going to work on:

  • Social Computing: Shel Israel     
  • Green      IT: Narina Sippy SVP – Green IT
  • Mobilizing      the Enterprise:     
         Nedim Fresko Director, Platform Strategic Initiatives RIM


I am with Berry Schwartz who wrote the Paradox of Choice why more is less. To many opportunities can paralyze you. So one of the first challenges will be for the teams to come to a decision regarding what problem to tackle and focus on that.


The good thing is, that we are getting introductions to all of these fields and I can’t wait to hear what the SAP perspective is on Green IT, as well as the latest Mobile ideas.


Quick let me get a water before everyone is coming back from the break.

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  • I had the chance to meet some of the developers yesterday.  First, when I had the honor to introduce Shel Israel (author with Robert Scoble of the seminal book on business blogging called “Naked Conversations…” and also a prolific and insightful blogger himself).  As part of that, to recognize some of the SDN and even BPX members of the group — especially those who share their knowledge and expertise with others in our communities.  And then, last night, to have dinner with one of the teams and hear about their day-jobs, their interests, hobbies, families, and their project as part of the SAP Developer Challenge over the next few days.  I can tell you it’s an interesting and talented group.  So, I’m looking forward to hearing more about all seven of the teams’ projects and innovations.  (Watch this space for more from Mark Finnern as he reports on the event.) 

    Mark Yolton