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Discovering SmallWorlds

The other day I create an account on SmallWorld a flash based virtual world. You might be thinking…So? We already got SecondLife…That’s true…But as I said before SmallWorld is based on Flash, so no special client is required.

Untill now, they are on Open Beta, so a lot of things must be done…But so far it looks very promising…I have spend so time on it and now I’m a huge fan -;)

We’re going to be supposed to be able to buy places, so we could create an SDN Community Clubhouse (Same as in Second Life) and maybe organize a virtual Community Day -:D

Currently Abesh and I are inside this world…Wanna join us? You can find us searching for our real names.

Here’s a small snapshot of my room…Can you see something nice about it?


BTW, the little cat is my cat “Cheko”…Yes…You can have pets…And buy stuff for your room.

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  • Hi Blag,

    Looks interesting, but what are the communication options – i.e. how can people talk to each other? Is is IM-based, or is voice communication a possibility? Is there real-time interaction?

    Best regards,