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Clubhouse opportunities!

This will come as a new one for several people, but this year the SAP TechEd Clubhouse is opening it’s doors a lot wider than ever before! Does your company have an interesting demo, activity or cool hands on deal they would like to share with the community?

Well this year you have a chance! We decided on a completely different route for the Clubhouse in terms of additional activities and took ourselves a step further by adding it to the overall SAP TechEd Marketing Opportunities.

Oh no, notmarketing“, well it is but we don’t see it that way we saw the chance to gve our Clubhouse goers the biggest selection in the world for activities within the Clubhouse and decided that we as invdividuals were simply not wide spread enough to find all of those activities so the best way possible was via the Exhibitor section and now via you the Community itself! You know more than anyone what cool things your own companies are doing that would fit the description below, you know better than anyone what your fellow community members will find interesting and you should be the one to come forward and tell us! Remember 2008 is all about Forget the 1 Million…!

Click here, we are page 18!


As you can see for Las Vegas we have 4 slots available so hurray and submit your proposal! 

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