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PI absolute beginners: ten steps to go!

After getting my newbies colleagues confused after a lesson of SAP PI, I wrote a simple ‘to-do-list’ to build a very simple interface and get them in touch with SAP integration technology… 

1 – Get the interface macro analisys: from – to destinations, synch or asynch mode ???

2 – Create/get the Products, Create/get the Software Components (System Landscape Directory) for each interface partner.

3 – Create the techical systems; create the business systems; link the Product/SWC to the relative technical system

4 – Open the Integration Repository ->Import the SWC’s from the sld and declare a namespace under each of them

5 – Build the data types for each swc’s; build the message type; create the message interface. You can skip the building of dt-mt if you have an imported XSD or a BAPI or IDOC to call.

6 – Message interfaces: sender SWC’s ->Outbound interface; receiver SWC’s->Inbound interface.

7 – Build the message mapping(if any); build the relative interface mapping…usually this is done only on one side of the created SWC’s.

8 – Open the Integration Directory -> Create a configuration scenario

9 – Import your Bus Systems to the CS; create the communication channel for each BS for the protocol (adapter) you wish to use.

10 – Start the creation wizard; follow the steps and remember: interface go from A(sender) to B(receiver)!

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