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How to install the BlackBerry simulator

BlackBerry Simulator

To test your Mobile – Always Connected application on a BlackBerry device, you do not necessarily need a BlackBerry Wireless Handheld and its entire BlackBerry Enterprise Service infrastructure.

The BlackBerry Emulator simulates the behaviour of a real physical device including the browser behaviour. The use of the simulator makes testing much easier and reduces the overall development time. 

You could also use this Simulator for training purposes. Record the screen and publish it. 



  1. Access the Blackberry simulator homepage
  2. Download a BlackBerry device simulator ( e.g. 4.3.0)
  3. Download the BlackBerry Email and MDS services simulator package 
  4. If you are behind a proxy you need to adjust the settings in the rimpublic,property file according to your needs.Go to the installation folder (e.g. C:\Programm Files\Research In Motion\Blackberry JDE 3.7\MDS\config) and open the file 

    Add the following two lines in the [HTTP HANDLER] section:

    application.handler.http.proxyHost=   ?????  [e.g. proxy ]   

    application.handler.http.proxyPort =  ?????   [e.g. 1234]


  1. Start the MDS Server (e.g. Start -> All Programs -> Research in Motion -> Blackberry Email and MDS Services Simulator -> MDS)
  2. Start the Blackberry Simulator ( e.g. Start -> All Programs -> Research in Motion -> Blackberry Simulator )
  3. Open the Browser and start testing




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  • Stefan:

    I’m currently working on a project involving BSP and BlackBerry…Installation is already done, but your tips are always welcome -;)