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The Video: Business Process Experts Speak

At the BPX-Day in Orlando on May 4th, I finally had the opportunity to meet members of the Business Process Expert community in person. I felt that I already knew many of them, through our interactions online and their numerous contributions on But I was unprepared for the enthusiasmof this group that unleashed when we met up for a video shoot.


Here I was with the “royalty” of the BPX community (ok, they did not gain this status by birth but through smarts and hard work), including mentors Dennis Howlett, Dick Hirsch, Jim Spath, and Jon Reed –  plus members Ranjan Baghel, Dale Young, and Dan Woods – who spoke passionately about the benefits of BPX membership. Representing a cross-section of companies and specialties, these folks shared publicly why they choose to invest significant time and resources into our community.  (And they all turned out to be really nice, humble people, too.)


There is also footage of Ginger Gatling, Volker Hildebrand and James Farrar of SAP, explaining how participation in the BPX community has enabled them to better meet customer needs.



Well, enough talk. Check out the four minute video (including all the cast) here: Business Process Experts Speak – Benefits of Membership, or watch a shorter, three minute YouTube version below (direct link: 

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  • As a contributor to the video myself – I think this compilation of ‘interviews’ is a valuable insight into different perspectives from just a fraction of those involved in the BPX community (and most likely, the comments made merely skim the surface in covering the range of diverse benefits that people get from being a part of this community). But it’s nice to see what it means to different people (and I’m of course humbled to be among such highly respected ‘voices’ from the BPX community).