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Client Support Tool 1.5.1 – What’s New?

Just recently, we have released a newer version of the Client Support Tool ( This new release offers several improvements, new features and supports both Duet 1.5 Preview and the upcoming Duet 1.5 SP1. In this blog I’ll go over the foremost changes this version delivers.


Test Landscape – Variety of New Tests


The “Test Landscape” feature expanded with additional out-of-the-box tests. These tests examine both Duet landscape configuration and Duet client installation prerequisites:


Tests List


To demonstrate the new capabilities, let’s have a look at the following two tests result:

The “Check Control Messages” test scans Outlook control messages folder for failed and pending messages. Besides summarizing the status, the test also provides the message’s XML value:


Control Messages Test


The “Verify Mandatory Scopes Exist” test scans the local metadata, and verifies that the required metadata scopes for Duet to function exist on the client’s file system:


Metadata Scopes Test


These tests and others which come as part of the new release can help troubleshoot and solve various client issues faster and easier.


Bound Items Viewer –  New Feature


This feature is introduced in this release and allows browsing the client’s bound items.  Although Microsoft OBA Sync Monitor tool provide similar functionalities, the Bound Items Viewer feature completes the solution by enabling browsing synced bound items as well as accessing the bound items values (xml).

To open the Bound Items Viewer, click on “View Bound Items” in the Client Support Tool menu.  The following dialog will appear:


Bound Items Explorer


Using the tree view on the left pane, you can filter relevant views of the bound items you would like to explore. Clicking on the different bound items in the table will display its bound data XML value (if the value exists in the database). In addition, when Microsoft Outlook is open, it is possible to search the specific item in Outlook, show details about it and even open it directly:


Outlook Details


Personalization – New Feature


This feature is new in this release and allows watching Duet applications’ personalization data (i.e. user preferences) which is stored in the client’s database.
To open the dialog click on “View Personalization data” on the Client Support Tool menu:




Reset Duet Client – New Feature


This feature replaces the old “Reset Deployment Key” option, and enables the administrator to perform several operations to reset Duet client, in a single click:




For example, selecting the “Clear Cache” option will close Duet utility, clear the client’s logs, clear the reference cache, the local metadata cache and restart Duet utility.  Selecting “Clear Cache and Outlook Configuration” will perform the same and reconfigure Outlook to work with Duet.

These options save significant time and allow faster troubleshooting on the client.


In conclusion, this new Client Support Tool version offers major improvements which allow the admin or support team to troubleshoot and solve Duet client’s problems more easily and efficiently.


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