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BPX skills and to wiki book or not to wiki …Help us create it.

About two months ago, we started with a small team of top contributors in the community to lay the groundwork and skeleton for the wiki BPX book around The link between skills and pay : new trends that are influencing people’s career decisions in organizations now called Composed and Sophisticated Empathy. Dan Woods wrote about it in his blog : Can a Community Create a BPX Book?

It was first drafted in a private wiki to get some meat around it, in a similar fashion of how Paul Greenberg was writing his 4th edition of CRM at the Speed of Light, 

I thought:  We are going to get a lot of interest and help us once we make it public and everyone will want to add their thoughts. Well it has been public for about a month now and so far there has been some contribution but not to the extend we had hoped for…. ( and here I thought they really liked me as well as the idea…loll)..ok it is not that dramatic, and instead I reached out via my network and asked people if they instead wanted to be interviewed and then we would write their thoughts down on wiki, and suddenly the response has been overwhelmingly positive… The only explanation thatI have is that it might have been some threshold issue with using a wiki… but I would assume someone would have told me… They did mention that we need to tell upfront that YOUR NAME WILL BE MENTIONED IF YOU CONTRIBUTION IS OF ANY SIGNIFICANCE… this does not mean if you change one sentence or two by the way.

So….as per Paul Greenberg and in his quest for contributors : ” We are making it public for ANYONE who wants to contribute to the book. We are looking for editors, we are looking for insights, we are looking for critics, we are looking for additional chapter ideas for future visions. We are looking for SAP partners, SAP customers, or SAP employees or even competitiors to provide a different perspective.

We are also willing to quote a lot of people n the book too – you can have a look in the chapters and how they have been written ( more a story like approach with people’s impressions from every day life ) – We are not so stuck on style, more on subtance, the style can be changed in the editing phase.  So my cry to you today is: Help us create it.

The deadline of the book for the first edition is end of June… so there is still enough time… and hey, perhaps you learn something about the community, about the BPX role, etc while reading the first three chapters.

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