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Basic Steps In Decentralized Adapter Engine

This decentralized adapter engine is present in the form of many presentations.But not a single blog is there on it.I am writing this blog to share what all problems I faced and what are the basic steps to overcome it.I have taken reference from some presentations. 


The step below is very important and not checked by many of  us,atleast by me 🙂

Due to this many problem arises. 

<u>Before Installation</u>:

* *
The support package Of the XI
Server and the Decentralized Adapter Engine should be the same. For example if  XI Server has SP14 then the DAE should also
have SP14.



<u>Basic Steps required after the Installation Of  Decentralized Adapter Engine</u><!><!>

3.Then go to  Cluster->Server-> Services->SLD Data Supplier and perform the CIMClient Test in visual admin of Decentralized Adapter Engine.



Click on CIMClient Settings*



*     See
whether all the details are correct and click on CIMClient Test:*





4.Navigate to Services->Security Provider and verify the users(its synchronized with the XI Server)


*Checking the
Decentralized Adapter Engine in Runtime Workbench

* *




    2. Select your Adapter engine, from there you can ping the
    server and send a test message.





    3.Refresh the cache using transaction sxi_cache in
    Integration server client.

    Then select *goto->Adapter
    Engine Cache, *and the cache is automatically refreshed. There also you can see
    your Decentralized AE.




    4.After all the above settings the Decentralized Adapter
    Engine should appear in drop down of Adapter Engine in Communication channel in







    5.The CPACache  of 
    Integration server should also be refreshed.

    You can use the url:




    6.You can view the cache info on the J2EE Engine also.

    Just go to visual admin and in services you can see SAP XI
    AF CPACache.

    Just cross verify from below snapshot that all the
    settings are







    *Some Of 
    the Important Points:


    1. If
    you have deployed some adapter module on the Decentralized Adapter Engine and
    its not working fine, then try to stop and start the j2ee server.


    You can use Visual Admin or SDM to deploy the adapter modules, Adapter module
    deployment I will try to cover in next blog. But try to deploy the Adapter
    Modules from Visual Admin because there you can check if some classes is
    missing from your .ear file or any other error is there. And in Ejb Container
    you can check the Jndi name.


    3. If
    you are Deploying From NWDS, then you have to mention the ip of your
    Decetralized Adapter Engine and message server port should be 39XX, for eg 3900
    or 3901.


    Try to follow all the above steps the Decentralized Adapter Engine should not give any errors 🙂




















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    • I am trying to install decentral adapter engine on one of the App server. We are on PI 7.0 SPS 14.

      Do I need to to install a seperate Database for this?

      Can the DB be with same name as that of Central Instance, or should it be different?

      I tried to install on CI but its saying to delete the objects from DB, which is not an option for me.