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Addiction to SCN

I must admit that I got the addiction to SCN. I am quite hooked up to SCN with sharing the info, problems and experiences.


It even helped me some of the times. Like how to guides of ABAP API helped me in great manner to achieve to complete a customer demo and PoC.



Forum   –>  It’s quite an experience to know the problems people are facing. This also helps sometimes to get an insight of customer requirements.


Blog and Articles  –>  The technology blogs are a great way to share the information, Ideas, learning and experience. I appreciate all the people who take their valuable time and dedication to help others.


E-Learning’s  –>  This is how I got the basic idea and understanding of MDM while I was new to this technology and directly started to work in project (This was very common for me to get responsibilities of new technologies all the times).


Wiki  –>  It’s a great place to have the constant changing features and tips. The contents can be updated regularly with the changes in technology and requirements.




Now I am wishing to give-up this addiction. Thus taking a small gap as experiment that whether it’s possible for me to be away from blogging and forums.



Wish me luck  🙂








Company :   SATYAM Computer Services Limited

Role:   Projects Lead / Project Manager 

Above shared views are my personal views and might not synchronize with my company views.

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