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Sneak Peek – Berlin SAP TechEd!

While attending the SAP SAPPHIRE event in Berlin I was invited to do a walk thru of the convention center next door, first impressions of the place was the same i had 5 years prior when I was there last – scary and yet cool in a 70’s airport style (which it was).

Never the less we walked the entire setup and really got into the vision and layout of what one might expect for Berlin, we are still too early to share many details but I am able to share with you some thoughts on the Clubhouse.

I was shown on the map the “Clubhouse” then told that there was still plenty of time to discuss. That kind of made me nervous but in a good way it meant I had time to make some choices which is always fun.

5 minutes into the tour I could not take my eyes off one corner and asked what it was being used for, the answer “why are you thinking Clubhouse?” and I said yes. This lead on to another area and then finally to the “Clubhouse” area. When I left Berlin I had a huge smile on my face and having picked what I think will be the most brilliant Clubhouse space ever since the Clubhouse first started in San Diego in 2004. If all goes as planned we are going to have a multi level Clubhouse in a prime spot of the entire convention center!

Here’s hoping the designers and production crew can make it happen, and in case you are worried the original space picked was amazing and will be a excellent plan B because that space as well will still be one of the most unique spaces ever used for the Clubhouse. Plan B reminds me of a amphitheater of sorts! Think round, huge and totally different than anything you’ve seen so far.

My money is riding on “A” but we’ve awesome plans for both “A” and “B” so much so that it’s actually getting hard to chose between the too. 

Please remember that you still have time to get your input in, we’ve a lot of great things planned and Help Shape the SDN 2008 Lounge as well!

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