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Workflow Estimation Tool, will it work for me?

Having been around the SAP Workflow World for, gosh, going on 10 years now, I’ve accumulated an awful lot of stuff.  Lots of presentations and so forth from my ASUG conferences, archives of emails going back at least to the year 2000.  But one thing that I’ve had, and yet never used, is this Excel application, graciously distributed by Dan Harmon, formerly of Motorola, and now of Ciber.  Dan has been a workflow enthusiast for a long time, and spoke recently at the ASUG 2008 Conference in Atlanta.  I heard he did a fantastic job.

Anyway, Dan had been using this application for a while, long enough to have made adjustments to fit real-life experiences.  And he shared this with a whole load of WF developers.  They were all very happy.  But I never had the chance (?) to use it.  My previous years had been spent on initial implementations (no time to estimate and track now!) to upgrades (really, absolutely, no time to estimate and track now!).

Finally, I find myself running a nice workflow project which I initiated, and am now I need to *gasp!* provide resource estimates.  Huh?  Can’t I just go back to my cube and work? But wait, you know about old dogs and new tricks, right?  Can I learn not only to use this (it’s pretty darn simple), but also track my progress and use the info for better estimating in the future? 

From my point of view, estimating has always been one of the hardest things to do with any development project.  You’re darned if you do, and darned if you don’t.  if you estimate too high, management thinks you’re slow, if you estimate too low, you may miss deadlines (or work yourself to death to make them). And neither is very satisfactory, to those of us who take more pleasure in the real ‘work’ (ie:coding, testing, etc) of a project, than the (gulp) planning. 

Okay, so I am gonna give it a go.  And now, your appetites are whetted. So don’t go firing off an email to me asking for ‘IT’, cause I am going to plunk it right in here.   And I am going to use this, and track it, and become a better resource.

Thanks to Jim Spath for helping motivate me to do this, and don’t forget to thank Dan Harmon for all the original effort if you like this! 



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  • Sue: I have noted many people have downloaded the spreadsheet from the location, so it appears this was a great community service. I have not heard back from any of them however, so if you do, please ask them to comment on your blog.
    Also, see: as I’ve tagged the web page with your honorific.  Sorry we won’t see you this weekend at the ASUG meeting.
    • Okay, everyone should know that *Goddess* is definitely tongue-in-cheek, and that *Jim* is the one who provided the EditGrid functionality, and that *Dan* is the one who developed this tool.  I am merely a conduit!

      786 hits in under 2 weeks.  Cool!

      How are you using the tool?
      Please comment!